Intuition Ale Works Moving Downtown

Intuition Ale Works has announced plans to renovate a currently empty space at the corner of Bay St. and A. Philip Randolph Boulevard adjacent to the baseball grounds and Veterans Memorial Arena.

Published September 9, 2014 in Development -

After years of searching for a new location, Riverside's Intuition Ale Works has identified an existing building at 929 East Bay Street, to convert into a new craft brewery. Uses for the 36,170-square-foot mixed-use development will include the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages and ancillary retail components, including future commercial uses.

Plans indicate that a tap room will be included at the corner of East Bay Street and Philip Randolph Boulevard. A portion of the existing building's roof will be removed and raised to accommodate larger fermenting tanks and a 4,000 square foot roof top biergarten. The biergarten will be covered with a tensile roof system. Construction could possibly start as early as late 2014. The anticipated completion date is 2016.

The project is on the agenda for the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB) meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 11, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. The DDRB meets on the first Thursday of each month. DDRB meetings are held in the Lynwood Roberts Room located in City Hall at St. James, 117 West Duval St., 1st Floor.

Source: DDRB September 2014 meeting agenda

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