Taste Test Tuesdays at Intuition Ale Works

Alex and Heather of OutsideTheDen.com discuss Intuition Ale Works coming cookbook and Alex's attempt to make a salad dressing from one of Intution's beers. Oh, and something about tasting recipes from the cook book every Tuesday, now through October 29!

Published September 28, 2013 in Dining & Nightlife - MetroJacksonville.com

Heather: I’ve spent some time this week with Intuition’s Cari and Laura Evans, getting a look of putting together a cookbook. But this isn’t just any cookbook – every recipe uses one of Intuition’s delicious brews! Between Taverna‘s mussels and clams steamed in People’s Pale Ale and Grape and Grain Exchange‘s beer cocktails; I was an utterly happy foodie. There’s nothing quite as special as getting to watch a person (whether chef or amateur) being passionate about food! Enjoy the behind-the-scenes pictures!

Alex: When Cari asked us about partnering for Intuition Ale Work’s Taste Test Tuesdays for the upcoming Intuition Cookbook and getting to have a recipe in the book, I got really excited. While I’m no Tom Gray or Scotty Schwartz, I like to think that I have at least some small knack in the kitchen. Even so, we decided to try and do something simple for our entry, a salad dressing based on Intuition’s Belgian Whit beer. In my mind, it seemed like a slam dunk, how hard could inventing a salad dressing be? Some salt, some pepper, some oil, tossed with greens with some other veggies and it’s done, easy as that.

(Definitely not Alex or our kitchen!)

Three hours and three pints later and I was still no closer to Whit-based bliss coating my salad. My taste-buds were glazed over with honeyed vinegar, and I couldn’t get the onion stench out of my hands. After a quick consult with Cari, we returned to the kitchen armed with a fist full of shallots and a plan. We’re currently perfecting the recipe and can’t wait to share it!

I first heard about Intuition a few years ago in college. It was this utopia far from the campus, where beer was flavorful and mugs were massive. I made a mental note to try and get out there some time and promptly forgot about it. When we moved downtown, suddenly we were practically next door and realized that it was more than just another brand of beer that happened to be brewed locally. They were the seed of revitalization in the area, and their events brought people in from all across Jacksonville.

Intuition is true to its name, like other great local breweries they are constantly experimenting and introducing new and delicious beers.  Their One-Off Wednesdays are the best example of this, where they bring out a small batch of craft beer brewed for that one night. It won’t be canned, bottled, or taken out of the taproom; and come Thursday it will be gone again. Once a week, everyone gets a shot at trying something new and unique.

Their newest endeavor has a similar theme. The Intuition cookbook will bring dishes dreamed up from Jacksonville’s best chefs, home cooks, mug club members, (and us!) that use one of Intuition’s many brews. And because Intuition loves Jacksonville, they’re opening their doors every Tuesday from September 24 – October 29 with Taste Test Tuesdays. Per Cari, the mastermind behind the book, “Food and beer are both about community, and that’s what this cookbook is all about so we want to engage folks as much as possible starting with these tastings!” Now I can meet wonderful new people, while drinking amazing beer, eating incredible food made with the aforementioned beer? Someone pinch me, please.

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