Across the Boards. Happy Super Bowl. 1/27-2/2, 2013

A summary of Jacksonville news highlights from January 27, 2013 - February 2 , 2013.

Published February 3, 2013 in News -

Jacksonville ranks 19 out of 46. 18 out of 47 next year?

Mayor Brown refinances debt. Announces 9 million dollars for downtown. DVI suggests moving downtown to the Southside.

We seem to attract certain types of food chains. New (Jersey) sub shop chain coming to town.

Southside office building sells for $31 million. Downtown Vision, "We should really move to the Southside."

Becareful with how you use the "r" word. Sensitivity training may be in order.


FSCJ's outgoing president promises to not ask for gas money...if he can keep the car.

Fuller vs. Fussell.

Manufacturing is key to Jacksonville's success.

Interline Brands launches new retail operation, "Homeparts".

Price fixing the seas. Jax exec. & Crowley found guiltiy in Puerto Rico.

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