The Jacksonville Landing's Redevelopment Plan

Conceptual plans have been released of the Jacksonville Landing's potential redevelopment. Metro Jacksonville invites you to take a look, let us know what you think and what you would modify or add if you had it your way.

Published December 16, 2013 in Development -

Revised January 2014 Redevelopment Concept

This recently introduced plan calls for the complete demolition of the existing Jacksonville Landing complex.  A new multi-building vertical development, containing a riverfront plaza, a boutique hotel and workforce residential housing would be constructed in its place.

December 2013 Redevelopment Concept

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The Jacksonville Landing is within a six minute walk from the majority of downtown's heart.

A sketch of the proposed phase 1 of the Landing's redevelopment.

A current day aerial of the Jacksonville Landing.

The redevelopment plan would open the Landing's Courtyard to Laura Street and create a Grand Event Plaza space.

Phase 1 of the redevelopment plan would include three steps. First, the demolition of the north structure. Second, the construction of two, two-level buildings featuring additional restaurants and banquet facilities. Third, the renovation of existing riverfront structures.

View corridors

Existing view from Laura Street.

Proposed view from Laura Street.

Vehicular access would be possible from multiple entry points. In addition, 250 dedicated parking spaces would be added to the property.

pedestrian access and circulation highlighted in red.

A promenade featuring public art and heavy landscaping would be constructed along Independent Drive and Hogan Street.

Art Promenade along Hogan Street.

when the market is ready, the second phase would add two highrise mixed-use buildings and additional riverfront restaurants to the site.

Phase 1 Redevelopment Key Plan (click on image to enlarge).

As a part of phase 1 renovations, public restrooms would be added along the riverwalk under the Main Street Bridge.

Update by Ennis Davis. Courtesy of The Jacksonville Landing.

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