Urban Core Construction Update - March 2010

A look at the status of various projects under construction in and around Downtown Jacksonville during the month of March.

Published March 15, 2010 in Development - MetroJacksonville.com

Jimmy John's Sandwiches - San Marco

Le Baron Condominium Facade - San Marco

Duval County Courthouse - Downtown

Triclops Records & Burro Bags - Downtown

111 Julia Street (Forsyth Garage) Renovations

Laura Street Streetscape

Riverplace Blvd Resurfacing

Jacksonville Farmer's Market Restaurant

Lomax Lodge - Five Points

Jackson's Grill - Park & King

The Loft - Park & King

Berg's Bistro - Riverside

John Gorrie School Conversion - Riverside

2618 Herschel Street (office building) - Riverside

Fire Station Addition - Fairfax

Ruan Thai Cuisine - Avondale

3610 St. Johns Avenue - Avondale

Powers Park Reconstruction - Murray Hill

Update by Ennis Davis

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