Urban Core Construction Update - December 2009

A look at the status of various projects under construction in and around Downtown Jacksonville during the month of December.

Published December 21, 2009 in Development - MetroJacksonville.com

Duval County Courthouse

Perdue Office Interiors

Lit (11 Ocean Street)

20 West - Still waiting for construction to resume

Main Street Streetscape

Deco Bistro - Five Points

Bakery MoDerne - Riverside (Stockton St)

John Gorrie School Conversion - Riverside

Gibb's NY Style Subs and Salads - Riverside (Prado Walk - Now Open)

Construction site at intersection of San Marco Blvd and Nira Street - San Marco

Black Bean - San Marco Square (has replaced Moe's Southwest Grill)

Panera Bread - San Marco (now closed)

Construction at the Wolfson's Children's Hospital Adult Tower site

Update by Ennis Davis

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