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Help is on the way...Mike Weinstein!

As most of you know, it's official...Mike Weinstein is a real, live candidate for Mayor. For months, and years in some cases, many of us here have been belly-aching and moaning about the lack of leadership coming out of City Hall. Namely, from one man named John Peyton.

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Should Mayor Peyton Resign over Foleygate?

Across the city there is an immediate call going out for Mayor Peyton's resignation if he knew anything about Congressman Mark Foley's sexually explicit instant messaging with teenage boys and subsequently failed to act.

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Saving and Destroying Downtown all at once

How do wealthy, well meaning, and educated downtown revivalists accidentally destroy cities?Not every failure of America's urban core's were created with sinister intent. In fact, most were likely created by people with good intentions of revitalizing their downtown. After all, the road to hell...

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Have we somehow turned back the clock?

Now that the less-than-exciting primary political races are over, we get to really start looking ahead to the one election that means the most to the citizens of Jacksonville - the election of the next Jacksonville Mayor.

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Public Records - A Tale of Two Requests

Requesting public records from Mayor Peyton's staff can often be a daunting task. Even though state law guarantees these records to you, (after all, they are YOURS) you quickly begin to see the unrolling of the red tape as you are passed from person to person. Delay upon delay piles up until you...

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FOUND! Solution to Downtown Parking Problems

Downtown parking is in the news again. This time there is discussion of drawing lines to mark the parallel parking spaces along the street. Elimination or time extension of parking meters have historically been the topic of conversation. We have found a solution!

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Crossing the Law: In a Judicial Race?

When electing public officials to office, what do we, the voting public, have a right to expect from the candidates campaigning for those offices? First and foremost we expect honesty. Additionally, we expect the candidates to speak the truth and to play by the rules set forth in election law. Are...

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Propping up Peyton: Developers, Corporate Executives, and an Exclusive Beach

To date John Peyton has raised $1,156,016 for his mayoral re-election bid. But where has this money come from? We all know that the Mayor, by the very nature of his position, will forge business relationships. So we thought it would be interesting to see just exactly where these relationships are...

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Downtown Jacksonville's Parking Future?

Recently, Jacksonville City Council Members Suzanne Jenkins and Elaine Brown held a meeting to discuss downtown parking. While some topics on the agenda included meter times and smart meters, it turned into a bit of an airing of grievances (anyone see that Seinfeld episode about the fictional holiday...

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