Author Topic: Working Waterfronts: Jacksonville's Marina Mile  (Read 9704 times)


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Re: Working Waterfronts: Jacksonville's Marina Mile
« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2011, 09:42:57 PM »
I agree such an idea should be legislation in council, just not on this bill.


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Re: Working Waterfronts: Jacksonville's Marina Mile
« Reply #31 on: September 26, 2011, 03:30:53 AM »
That was also said with 2010-604. Shipyards/Landmar and after the agenda meeting standing right there with Don Redman, Cindy Laquidara, Steve Rohan and Scott Wilson being advised that an amendment could be attached to 604 that would keep the Promised 680' Public Pier separate. Or do it with a separate bill. Just not this bill. The legislation hasn't happened. And this is prior to any elections.

2011-560 according to OGC would have been $60-70 thousand to litigate. Again wait until a new city council and administration is in place and a weakening of the valued institutional knowledge that is lost in another great deal for the taxpayers. There was no handout that I'm aware of that was available at the Rules or Finance agenda meeting for the Public explaining the terms of the settlement agreement.

As to the value of the land. At Rules the 2009 value was $20,000,000 but 2 years later the value is $29,000,000. Is every vacant lot or improved lot downtown showing an almost %50 increase in value? From what I understand there was no discussion at the Finance meeting the next day. And the Hyatt is being auctioned off? 

The Public Trust continues to be totally destroyed in this community. Any councilmember, please offer an amendment for a $100 grand just out of principle that if a dime of our taxpayer dollars is ever collected that because of your legislative action a $100 grand came back to your district for a FIND dredging project or a canoe or kayak launch. That would be a true feather in ones cap as being an elected legislative representative of the people. (Parking garages) We are talking about MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars.

Reginald Brown..Where are you? Former chair of Waterways. Love, Boyer, Lee, Carter, Yarborough, Be concerned.

Just two days out. Is this an emergency? No. Just slip it in with the budget meeting vote because that is what will be getting the headlines.

JAX commerce, Regional Partners, Commissioners of FIND, Does anybody care?




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Re: Working Waterfronts: Jacksonville's Marina Mile
« Reply #32 on: November 30, 2012, 04:33:16 AM »
The ADA non compliance of the resurfacing and 'safety improvements' along US1 have my wheels turning...
Any one out here have any helpful thoughts toward how I can plead and to whom regarding the two sidewalks which do not meet over the CSX "A-line" at Lakeside Dr/LakeShore Blvd below US17 just south of Chamblin bookmine?

The pictures of the bus benches just pathetically sitting on slabs with no trash can or shelter from the weather irks me to no end.  No sidewalks connecting these stops to the businesses they sit in front of, too close to the motorized traffic, too close to the ditches with no hand rail, no real connectivity at all for pedestrians and cyclists along US1.

I WISH I were made of money, the walkability of this city would be light years ahead of where it is now.

The area I mention at the top is a specific irritation to me because I bike this stretch often and see how many motorists display awful behavior toward the disadvantaged traveler, deplorably honking, raising the middle finger, and often nearly intentionally sideswiping when there is no oncoming vehicle.. tossing trash AT cyclists and kids, parents with strollers, seniors >
ALL using this CSX crossing on foot or bike MUST walk or ride through TWO ditches AND high step it OVER the actual train track rails
OR risk your own safety in the narrow road where drivers notoriously LOVE to go airborne.

I was recently told by our council rep that he was told the cost to correct these issues would be in excess of $500,000.00!

Some folks at the meeting immediately began rather uncontrollably chattering about how a load of quick-crete and a bundle of lumber to form up a proper 6' wide by 6" thick walk, and skreet it off correctly could be accomplished for a miniscule few hundred dollars - to which we were firmly made aware we would be arrested for such activity!



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Re: Working Waterfronts: Jacksonville's Marina Mile
« Reply #33 on: November 30, 2012, 06:05:28 AM »
I agree such an idea should be legislation in council, just not on this bill.

Mike, You are the marketers of marketers. You've got the Cash Mob thing going, Food trucks, and tonight is the Pub Crawl.

Such an idea should be legislation in council, well a piece of legislation that is on the books is 2009-442 The Artificial Reef Trust Fund and it's gaining momentum.

 6 Artificial Reefs in the River just outside the Marina Mile. Mike, would you write a check for a buck? Ricker would you write a check for a dollar? This is your hood. Obviously it could be more. Ricker you write a check for a buck and I'll write a check for the bicycle path over the railroad tracks.

next Jacksonville Waterways Commission meeting is 12 days out.  I'll personally deliver any checks to the Waterways Commission at city Hall at the end of the meeting. That's a Promise.

Make the check out to City of Jacksonville
Write 2009-442 on the check
Write Artificial Reef Trust Fund on the check

Ricker, I drove up that Philips Hwy corridor yesterday. What you are wanting to do along with everyone else can happen. You can request legislation.

Or you can continue to create a tactical epoch spark of citizen involvement and reach out to CSX and one day in the future we can ride together over a safe railroad crossing because of the legislation that was created.

Ricker we have done things in the past. And I'll be more than happy to join you in the future again on other projects. In fact in today's Times Union a new column will be debuting "River Life" to educate readers about our Waterways. Dr Quinton White  who is the Director of the Marine Science Research Institute at Jacksonville University is fully aware of the Artificial Reef Trust Fund as well as other exciting projects that are happening.

Ricker, Write a check for a dollar and watch how it works through our legislative process. I'm serious.