Author Topic: CRITICAL HISTORIC PARK - Our Lights Are On But Our Park Is Missing!  (Read 905 times)


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From Another Post with regards to Riverside Park, Brooklyn, etc. Comes this little jewel:

I totally agree with your anger about the neglect of Klutho/Confederate Park. They should have been repaired and maintained years ago

Now do you REALLY want to lose your lunch? Talk about not maintaining critical real estate. Besides "all over the City" we have quite a few special spots that deserve much more then a broom or outhouse.

For Starters check out YELLOW BLUFF FORT just off of New Berlin Road. The local history has been revised so many times I'm not even sure they know what side this or that person was on. The writing of the St Johns Bluff Battery and Naval Gun engagement and 1,200 man marine force seems to have forever buried Yellow Bluff in some "Authors Speculations". There are drawings of Yellow Bluff with "bomb proofs" dug under the trenches and large cannon (some 15-26) gus, mounted on the hill top.

As planned any invasion force of Yankees to NE Florida, would have to run past:

Ft. Matanzas
Castillo De San Marcos
Mayport Mills Batterys
Little Talbot Island Batterys
Ft. Clinch.

Beyond that the
St Johns was defended at St. Johnns Bluff Batterys
also the Yellow Bluff Batterys

If anything got past the forts and batterys then ironclad gunboarts were waiting for the enemy, along with a river full of torpedos. When I found Yellow Bluff Fort some 30 years ago it was a "state park" that had been given to the city to take care of it. They hung a doggone chain across the front of it and the dirt bikes were finishing off what was left.

Designs were made to slightly increase the lot size, a small museum building a office space as well as a reconstructed portion of the bomb-proof shelters. Volunteer labor and many dozens of happy weekend warriors came out and picked up the mess.

...and thus it sits today, NOWHERE. Given to the TNP, once again the small out of the way property, in the center of the booming port core, is locked out. Once again we blow across the bridge named for it's commanding officer and don't pay any respect to the history hidden just a few feet from the car window. We're waiting again, maybe Quetzalcoatl will show up with ancient wisdom, and bearing gifts. Sadly the last gearded great white King that showed his face at Yellow Bluff was ROBERT E. LEE, and he couldn't save it either.