Author Topic: Sucre Sal the Way of the South  (Read 1069 times)


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Sucre Sal the Way of the South
« on: November 25, 2008, 01:25:19 AM »

The vanishing RAIN FOREST vanishes!

I'd worry more about the ones IN the big cities!

Department of Amazonas. Capital - Leticia, Colombia. Work on the trans-Amazon highway? Nope, killed by Brasil. For Colombia it was to be 800 miles of downhill Piedmont like clay, which gets lower and more wet by the mile. Come back tomorrow and the Jungle has retaken the roadway! Imagine if you will the Okefenokee Swamp, stretching on a downhill grade for 800 miles! FORGET IT! WON'T EVER HAPPEN. In Brasil, most of the road above my Dad's old Ranch in the State of Minas Garis is gone. This isn't even Jungle but more Piedmont and "Oklahoma Like" prairie. The traffic never started to build, even with 400-500 mile extensions. A Gringo can't imagine the size of this until you stand and see it for yourself. It makes the over-sea railroad (which once went to Key West) look pale!  Flying over the river at 30,000 feet, one cannot see either shore, tides or floods can vary as much as 50-100 feet. There are times when area's the size of Georgia would have to be crossed on 75' high bridge work, and other times when you couldn't buy a safe drink anywhere. I've heard it called a "GREEN HELL", but I don't agree. More like "GREEN MOUNT EVEREST", great to challenge, but impossible to tame. Give serious worry to the rain forest of Amazonas about the time they start selling time shares in Northeast Siberia.

Hanging out in a cove

Lodge in Leticia, a modern City with old Colombia and Amazon suburbs.

"Damn, we just cut that stuff yesterday!"

For anyone who hasn't ventured beyond our comfort zone, the Amazon is wonderful, but go with a GROUP TOUR, unless you have family or tight friends in the area. There are many more things to worry about besides para-military nut cases. Disease that we haven't even discovered is found daily. Animals by the legion. Incredible creatures, metallic butterflies with purple and blue wings - trimmed in silver and as big as a bird. Bats as big as a cat or small dog. Cat's as big as a small cow. Insects that will find you I don't give a damn if your floating in a tub of Black Flag. Insects that don't just bite, but insects that can and DO KILL. Go with a friend, go with a group, go on the path MOST taken or face the possible consequences of your decision. You really will touch the face of God in this place, my "next" journey is into the back side of the Andes... Maybe someplace where I can wade across the Amazon (just to say I've done that).

The Natives ARE FRIENDLY para Gringos.