Author Topic: Biodiesel: Why isn't every place doing this?  (Read 3327 times)


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Re: Biodiesel: Why isn't every place doing this?
« Reply #15 on: November 25, 2008, 07:08:51 AM »
Thanks for the Chicas pix... dated some brazilian women back in the day on a trip to South America.  Ah the good old days... :o

I am certainly not the "greenest" person this site and am certainly a global warming skeptic.  I do draw a line with flattening virgin rain forest so we can grow palm oil for biodiesel.  Doing so is much,much worse for the environment than burning leaded fuel through your car...

Some examples...

This months National Geographic article/pictorial...

Here is another article...

Not all biodiesel is created equal
Biodiesel can be made out of any new or used vegetable oil. There are many sources of vegetable oil from different places. Canola and Soybean oil are used frequently in North America.

One of the cheapest - but most environmentally damaging - sources is palm oil. Palm oil is grown in the tropics, where tropical rainforests are being destroyed for palm plantations.
In Malaysia and Indonesia, palm oil production displaces wildlife, including endangered orangutans.

Palm oil is has been produced and used in the tropics for a long time, but the recent boom in palm oil production is huge and unprecedented.

Unfortunately, it really does appear to be true that palm oil biodiesel is, in the words of Guardian (UK) newspaper columnist George Monbiot,  " Worse Than Fossil Fuel."

It's no surprise that the species diversity of animals in palm oil plantations is much lower than it is in tropical rain forests. Of just as much concern is that palm oil plantations displace orangutans, the only great ape that lives in this area. For more information about this, search the Orangutan Foundation's website for 'Palm Oil'.

In a boat at sea one of the men began to bore a hole in the bottom of the boat. On being remonstrating with, he answered, "I am only boring under my own seat." "Yes," said his companions, "but when the sea rushes in we shall all be drowned with you."


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Re: Biodiesel: Why isn't every place doing this?
« Reply #16 on: November 25, 2008, 08:37:36 AM »
What did your wife think of the native women.  haha

ALTA: You probably won't want to believe this, but the Colombian's subscribe to a system called "Sucre Sal" or SWEET and SALTY. The culture says that yes one can marry for home-country-family even LOVE, but that doesn't mean one isn't going to share his or her affections on others. The Sweet and Salty also translates roughly as "The Branch Office". It is flawed (though most men think it isn't). Sort of works like being married in Jacksonville and going on "business trips" to Key West every other week. Ask the lone wife what she thinks and your going to encounter a Ricky Ricardo style tounge lashing, "HUMPF! off to the beach with that damned Sucre Sal!" When he gets home the hornets go at eachother until he makes up with gifts and affections... then the whole process is repeated.

Most of the Sucre Sal are very young and very sexy, but they'll live lifes of a put-up doll. Some will win over the affections of the guy, the wife fights an everlasting battle for youth and beauty. It's VERY COMMON to see a 20 year old woman on the arms of a 70 year old man. Of course by this time the man MUST BE successful, and have wealth as well as self worth. He is then honored as a "Doctor" (though this might not really be the case) or he is a "Don" (Master). Those of either sex who are extra sweet have their names altered with the Spanish Fem/Masc endings "sito" (him) or "sita" (her).

A bi-product of this belief is that any woman over 30 is WAY OVER THE HILL... Men, as soon as they show any sign of weakness, or feebleness - "Buddy she ain't gonna be holding your hand at Boot Hill Lodge". It effects the employability, and medical care in strange ways. Anyone with money is going to get medical care probably superior to Jacksonville. But anyone older, or ugly, or broken is a throw away. People become VERY clever in finding a way to survive - and... of course... that brings us to crime. Whole other story. .

Here is a rough translation of the French/Latin song "Sucre Sal".

It's moons that I won
I have full pockets
Sorry, my
But it will make light years
What you have lost the art and
Should move, my baby
Should save your nights for every day
And not
always in the black
I want to see
Love is not to drink the sea
more is hot
More is beautiful
My baby
Love must be done
A heart half
Sweet and salty
You can return
Your classic among
I know enough
To give you
The taste of
Sucré-salés Sweet and salty
It made my day revolves
Around your sleep, I
m’agite m'agite
I have skin that takes o
Along my back,
Some of the ants that
Should take a room
With view on love
Should sand for
our toes
The wall of sound in our ears
A cure in honey bees
Y’a Y'a
everything that moves
In the red
My baby
Love must be done with
A heart
à moitié half
Sweet and salty
You can return
Your classic among Greeks
know enough
To leave you
The taste of babies
Sweet and salty
We love
To let
The taste of a baby
Sweet and salty
One that'll
Made in you and me
My baby
Sucré-sal Sweet-sal

Hope this helps...

"Don Ocksito"