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Neighborhoods: Lakewood
« on: November 02, 2022, 01:36:46 AM »

University Boulevard West was originally known as Lone Grove Road.
Small correction, it was "Love" Grove Road, not "Lone." :)

Located at 2777 University Boulevard West, the Shoppes of San Jose is a 57,024-square-foot shopping center that was built in 1977.

This 54,875-square-foot Publix Super Market at University Square opened in 2009 at 2875 University Boulevard West. This store replaced an older store that was located at University Boulevard West and St. Augustine Road. Opening in the early 1970s, this store is the oldest continuously operating Publix location in Jacksonville.
To fill in some info from the 2009 threads listed below, the then-referenced dairy farm (Skinners?) covering the above 2 properties with a Times Square Hardware store facing University Blvd. near the corner was replaced by a Skaggs Albertsons combo drug-grocery store (eventually just Albertsons after their partnership broke up).  The property was reconfigured over time to today's layout by demolishing the Albertson's and building the Shoppes and a new Publix to replace the original Publix location that was diagonally across the University Blvd./St. Augustine Road intersection where L.A. Fitness is now.

Lakewood Promenade is a 200,000-square-foot open-air shopping center that was built around the intersection of San Jose and University Boulevards. Anchored by Winn-Dixie, the shopping center was originally developed by Walter Crabtree. Original tenants included McCrory’s 5 & 10, A&P Grocery, and Lakewood Pharmacy. In 2019, the 9.01-acre shopping center was acquired by Sleiman Enterprises.
Did some Googling to find more info and found quite a bit more of commentary/info on this and other area sites on the 2009 MetroJax threads below.  Interesting the changes since those threads were posted. :),4295.0.html

Sadly, one post recalls that the Maddie Clifton murder brought some national notoriety to Lakewood.

6022 San Jose Boulevard is an office building that was completed in 2008.
Along with a gas station that was on the corner of University and San Jose where the grass field is behind the present day Scramblers, this was the site of another gas station.  A third one at this intersection was the Shell that was recently replaced by a Starbucks.

Six Thousand On the River is a 12-story condominium tower that was built in 1981.
I believe the site of this tower and the adjacent 4 or 5 home gated development made up the homestead of Walter Crabtree, the developer of Lakewood.

When Lakewood was built, both University Blvd/Love Grove and San Jose were 2 lane roads.

Here is a T-U photo ( of Lakewood Pharmacy in the day:

Some of the 2009 posts appear to reference old pictures that are no longer linked.  Interestingly, some that were linked can be seen still as MetroJax pictures via Google Images but can't be re-linked anymore.  Here are two I found in a Google Images search that might replace a couple of them:


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Re: Neighborhoods: Lakewood
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Good stuff! The old shopping architecture was superior to what's there now. I'll make that correction for Love Grove Road!
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