Author Topic: Four Seasons Hotel plan headed to DDRB this week  (Read 5333 times)


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Re: Four Seasons Hotel plan headed to DDRB this week
« Reply #45 on: October 21, 2021, 05:35:53 PM »
Piecemeal it so no one sees their massive taxpayer ask in one spot?

They may try the opposite and bury it in a master stadium upgrade proposal.  If it approaches or tops $1 billion, burying a hundred million in there for Lot J will not be so obvious.  And, they will say it all ties together and is inseparable if success is to be assured and the investment justified.

Keep in mind that any improvements to the stadium district will also benefit further the $300 million Khan plans to "invest" on the riverfront.

The way this likely plays out, he won't need much to assure him of a great return on his investment and at little risk thanks to us taxpayers.  Imagine investing in a cross section of the stock market with a 25+% governmental subsidy.  Stocks would have to drop 25+% before I felt any pain.  On the hand, stocks will, over time, likely rise based on historical performance.  And my return would be based on only the 75% of the dollars I invested as the City gets none of it on their 25%.  I would take that bet every time too.