Author Topic: Adecco moving North American headquarters from Jacksonville to thriving Atlanta  (Read 4514 times)


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^12 years later and I still believe 301 is fine. We don't need to spent billions on a highway between Gainesville and Jax.

No need to spend billions. Limit the land use around 301. Create some service lanes where needed. Build a bypass around Lawtey and/or just build right threw Lawtey and an additional bypass around Waldo to 24. Problem solved. Cut out another 10-15 minutes in the ride, but more importantly, make it an easier ride that is more enjoyable rather than the stop and go and slow down for speed traps ride that has made it tedious in the past. The Starke Bypass has been a resounding hit with everyone including Starke residents that are so relieved to have the truck traffic gone.

Then, we need to sell our proximity to UF as a top 30 overall university and a top 10 total funding research university. There is nothing close to UF in Florida (USF is an easy #2) and Georgia Tech is the only place within driving distance that compares. In the South, research-wise, it's Duke, UF, Tech, and UNC. Also, keep attracting spill over in health care, engineering, fintech and biosciences when possible to help with the ecosystem of research and innovation. That will help even more.


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I wonder if the recent controversy in Georgia over the new voting restrictions has given Adecco any pause.

Although seeing as Florida is likely to attempt implementing similar restrictions, I don't know if it necessarily makes a difference.
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