Author Topic: Does anyone remember going to Rowlab?  (Read 1074 times)


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Re: Does anyone remember going to Rowlab?
« Reply #15 on: June 02, 2020, 08:43:00 PM »
I had recalled the dairy being Sealtest but, you have prompted me to recall it was probably the Foremost Plant too (although Sealtest also had a plant in Jacksonville.  Maybe we went to both at one point.  I can't find much about Sealtest in Jax on the web.  Maybe Lake can check it out for us?).

I'm pretty sure Sealtest was in the Rail Yard District, on Stockton Street just south of the CSX rail line paralleling Beaver Street.

EDIT: Confirmed

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Re: Does anyone remember going to Rowlab?
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Ramses II exhibit just as the Prime Osborne was opened

St Augustine Fort and Old Jail.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Cummer Museum

Five Points Theater for some kind of ballet performance

Haydon Burns Library Downtown - where the librarian recognized me from hanging out in the Genealogy and Florida History section after school.

MOSH- several times. This was apparently the default destination when the teachers planned trips every year. Instead of exploring better options, I guess they decided to cut out of the planning day early to go do shots at the local Jaxx Liquors.

Never went to any parks (for example Kingsley Plantation or Fort Caroline) until I was in Boy Scouts. Looking back, that was a missed opportunity.

While not a field trip, one of the most impressionable things that happened in school was an assembly (you know, like the ones where they tried to sell you yo-yo's or cooking books to give to your mom for Mother's Da) where the team that dug up the Maple Leaf came in to talk about the discovery and had artifacts recovered from the wreckage.

That Ramesses exhibit was dope. I was like 5 and I still remember it clear as day.
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Re: Does anyone remember going to Rowlab?
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Skinner Dairy
Some turkey farm in Mandarin
Anheiser Busch brewery
( included a lecture against drunkenness)