Author Topic: Bill would permit electric scooters and bicycles in Downtown Jacksonville  (Read 478 times)


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Electric bicycles and scooters could soon give Downtown pedestrians a quicker way to move on the Northbank.

District 5 Council member LeAnna Cumber filed a bill Jan. 14 to create a one-year pilot program, establishing a permitting process for dockless mobility vehicles that include e-scooters and e-bicycles.

Ordinance 2020-26 creates travel boundaries for the electric scooters and bikes from the east edge of TIAA Bank Field along the Northbank Riverwalk to the south and Beaver Street to the north. The west end of the “Dockless Mobility Zone” ends at the JTA’s Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center, which is expected to open in late March.

Cumber said she worked with JTA staff to draft the program’s boundaries and the Downtown Investment Authority to establish enforcement protocols.

Full article:
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Peter Griffin

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should be fun unless you need a smartphone app to do it

we'll see!


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I enjoy using the Lime and Bird scooters so much to get around when I travel, particularly in Atlanta, that I bought a similar model to stow in my car or office downtown. Makes getting from Hemming to Brooklyn/Riverside, Springfield, or San Marco a fun, quick trip without having to pull my car in and out of the garage while going in circles on one-way streets.

That said, I think it’ll be a little harder than it was even a year ago to find a vendor. Lime in particular is downsizing their operations pretty significantly, and just pulled out of ten markers entirely (including Atlanta).

Charles Hunter

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The corrals where the e-scooters and e-bicycles will park have to be installed on sidewalks that are 8 feet wide or greater.

Seems that will really limit where the corrals can go.

Adam White

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I personally can't stand the scooters - but if there is a market for them I can't see why it's a bad idea downtown.
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This seems a bit cost-prohibitive for most companies.  Maybe I am reading this wrong though.  Is that $10,000 per device, or all devices totaled together would max out at $10,000.

The program will have costs to the city, mainly for processing permits and additional staff hours to the DIA for enforcement. The city also will have to retrieve scooters and bikes left outside the program boundary.

Cumber wants to pass most of those costs on to operators through fees. For a company to install a corral and operate scooters there will be permit, renewal and annual fees. The companies also will have to purchase performance bonds for each device up to $10,000.
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get ready for e-scooters on the river bottom


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Finally our streets will have idiots zooming and zipping that wrong way and this who aren't delivering sandwiches on fixies!