Author Topic: Increase in Homeless downtown?  (Read 842 times)


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Re: Increase in Homeless downtown?
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I have lived downtown for a little over a year now and lived in Springfield for the 7 years immediately prior to that, so I have and have had an up close view of the homeless situation in Jax for many years now and can tell you the overall problem is getting worse, not better. There are more homeless people wandering the streets or camping in the parking garages or on sidewalks at night than there were when I first moved to the urban core. As far as specific reasons why, I’d go with what Bill Hoff said earlier in this thread. My question is, is there currently any focus at all on this issue from COJ government or Curry Administration? When I say focus, I don’t mean just funding shelters and keeping them open. I mean are there smart people who meet regularly and have some ability to take actions currently working on solving or at least improving the situation? If not, why?
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