Author Topic: Friendship Fountain not functioning...again??  (Read 4139 times)


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Friendship Fountain not functioning...again??
« on: October 09, 2019, 08:32:53 AM »
Just read on another downtown thread that FF is not working again.  Is that fountain cursed?  I know Jacksonville has hard water, but should the pumps keep failing after only a few short years?  Seems once we get about 3 years in following a rebuild or repair there's a problem. 


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Re: Friendship Fountain not functioning...again??
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2019, 10:49:09 AM »
Expect to see the entire surrounding park closed sooner than later as well.

$4.2 million has been allocated in next year's budget to repair and significantly alter the fountain (water will come over the edges of the fountain into a new shorter pool surrounding it, and misters will also be added), as well as to restore all of the electronics, lighting, audio, etc.

From a different fund, there are plans to set up a projection system to display animated shows hourly at night directly onto mist-screens shooting from the fountain, in conjunction with light shows at the the Times-Union Center as part of Lori Boyer's nodes thing. Not sure on the timeframe for this, or if it ultimately ends up happening, but funding has been identified.

Concurrenty, $2.55 million has been allocated to upgrade the park surrounding Friendship Fountain, including a concession area (also being added at the Times-Union Center), public restrooms, and potentially a playground/splash pad area.

I've heard the city wants the entire project done by Florida-Georgia next year, though that sounds pretty aggressive.


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Re: Friendship Fountain not functioning...again??
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2019, 09:16:35 PM »
Sounds nice