Author Topic: The Mathews Bridge: historic or an expensive relic?  (Read 1345 times)


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Re: The Mathews Bridge: historic or an expensive relic?
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At an estimated cost of $1 billion, that bridge will have to fall down before it gets replaced.

That is actually a pretty easy problem to solve. Sell the Bridge to Shad Khan and the money to replace it will be found post haste.  Better yet, let Khan lease it so he doesn't have to pay property taxes on it. 
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Re: The Mathews Bridge: historic or an expensive relic?
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When Dames Point was proposed, it was advocated by the maritime industry here (which then included the major employer of thousands, Jacksonville Shipyards), that the bridge should be built higher than it is to accommodate, even then, the well established trend of ever larger ships. 

One can always find people advocating sometime being done "better".   The thing is, Dames Point has nearly as much clearance the bridges in Brunswick and Savannah.   

The issue isn't that Dames Point wasn't built high enough.  The issue is that one can always find some know-it-all someplace that is willing to do back seat driving.   No doubt a few of this love to tell folks if the government had just listened to them, Jacksonville would be hosting Chinamax ships.

Not back seat driving, front seat!  It's a fact that the "know it all" experts in Maritime wanted the Dames Point Bridge higher.  I guess you think the Government knows better because...?  The same government that gave us the pension fiasco among countless misfires?

The bridges over Brunswick, Savannah and Charleston are 185 to 186 feet high and that extra 10+ feet makes a big difference.  We will never have a bridge that can accommodate all ships but we can have one that accommodates many more.  It should come down to ROI for our community, not just a few special interests. 

If the current height was so desirable, you wouldn't still hear people today bemoaning it.  Regardless, your style of shooting the messenger because you don't like the message speaks volumes about your open mindedness.  You fit right in with the politicos you are trying to defend.