Author Topic: Orlando Unveils Under I Project  (Read 1701 times)

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Re: Orlando Unveils Under I Project
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I think you answered yourself.
It may not be practical given how we're at sea level downtown.  But in the long run we'd probably be better served sinking the freeways and capping them a la Columbus.

Remember the flooding from hurricanes and nor'easters over the last few years. Heck, even heavy rain at high tide causes flooding.
We don't really have that much "elevated" highways here. Short segments under I-95 on each side of the river, and the Overland Bridge area of I-95, are about all we have. Most highways around here are built on embankment.  As part of the current Fuller Warren expansion, the Riverside Arts Market area is being expanded, with parking across Riverside Avenue.  Not sure if anything is planned for the similar areas in San Marco.

Playing tennis under a noisy freeway bridge may not be something anyone really wants to do in the end.
People play tennis?  :D