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Re: The Ford on Bay
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we need more First Coast Synergy (TM)

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Re: The Ford on Bay
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Basically, we have 1.5 million but they are almost all spread across thousands of square miles with no synergy.  It is just 4 counties of low density urban sprawl.  Howard Kunstler coined the phrase for this - there is just no "there" there.

Actually, Gertrude Stein coined the phrase. But it does apply to NE Florida.
"There is no there there"
It appears in Gertrude Stein, Everybody's Autobiography (Random House 1937, p 289) and is often applied to the city of her childhood, Oakland, California.

Gertrude Stein - Wikipedia › wiki › Gertrude_Stein


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Re: The Ford on Bay
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Thanks Charles.  I stand corrected on the origin. :)
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Re: The Ford on Bay
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Yes Jax has a population of 1.5 million but to me that number doesn't reflect reality.  My friends in St Johns County do not consider themselves part of metro Jacksonville, even if the government does.  At best, they work in southern Duval County (Gate Parkway/Deerwood/Baymeadows) but that is it.  They don't do anything else in Jax and now with Durbin Creek they have even less reason to cross the County line.

That's not any different from anyplace else.   If you look at other edge counties, the have the same outcomes.

For example, iuf you look at place like York County, SC.  It's suburban Charlotte.  70% of it's residents work in the county.  And what ones that do leave the county for work, 40% don't leave the state.  The few that work in Charlotte work on the fringe.  There's no daily connection with the core city for most of their residents.

You'll find similar situations in St. Croix county, WI, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, or Williamson County, Tennessee.


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Re: The Ford on Bay
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You'll find similar situations in South Florida, New York, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Dallas and even Greenville. Yeah, it's no different than any place else.
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