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WordCamp In Africa – Learning Growing Collaboration
« on: August 14, 2019, 10:01:54 AM »
WordCamp In Africa – Learning Growing Collaboration
William Jackson, M.Ed
WordCamp Organizer, Speaker, KidsCamp Organizer
Past sponsor WordCamp Harare and EdCamp Nigeria

"In our fast-changing world driven by digital technology,
it is important that every child becomes a creative actor
of localized digital solutions, not its passive consumer”.
@ashuna112 #ACW2019 #AfricaCodeWeek

There is a rapid expansion of WordCamp conferences in Africa,
this magnificent continent of resources both human and 
WordCamp conferences are seen growing, thriving and
educating people with a passion not just for technology, but
opening doors for business ventures, entrepreneurial opportunities,  
unheard of digital collaboration. The opportunities to enable and
empowering African entrepreneurs to share their Brands and find
new Niches and partnerships.

As Blogger, Micro-bloggers, content creator and digital influencer 
for over 15 years, digital impressions expand based on engagements.
That engagement builds with the increase of involvement, engagement,
collaboration and sharing content. 

WordCamp allows rapid and sustainable growth based on thought
leadership digitally and correspondingly with continued engagement 
at MeetUps.  Content creation is only limited by the creative minds that
apply what is learned at WordCamp conferences and the growing number
of KidsCamp and YouthCamp conferences.

WordCamp is a casual and at the same time professional conference where
information is shared related to WordPress. WP is a free and open source
personal publishing application that powers over 40% of the web. The
immersion of Africa will rapidly increase these numbers and allow for those
African digital innovators to share their talents, gifts and knowledge. 

Africa is expanding the influence of knowledge and applied knowledge 
to grow new generations of thought leaders, digital dreamers, critical 
thinkers and collaborations that will take place not just locally, but 
expand nationally and across the continent. 

Accompanying the traditional WC are KidsCamp and YouthCamp
components that encourage kids from 7yrs to 14yrs and YouthCamp
from 15yrs to 17yrs. There are increased numbers of youth, teens and
young Africans that are starting businesses and becoming digital
innovators, influencers and digital business owners.  

WC conferences build relevant discussions and information is applicable
immediately during and after the conference. Networking is formidable
because real people with real careers, professions, businesses, and real
dreams are present to share and help others. Mentors in multiple areas
can be found and the growing number of Internships helps to provide
youth and teens with real world opportunities to apply and learn skills
to build on.  

Meetups allow discussions to be continued and the building of PLN’s
or Professional Learning Networks that help assist in connections, 
collaborations  and building networks. 

The formats from lectures/presentations, speed talks, or lightning
presentations, panels and interviews. Presentations are diverse sessions
that incorporate slides and videos that can be accessed from the
presenters web site or through  WordCamp channel on
after the conference. The professional development opportunities
continue and can be used at the convenience from home or
through mobile devices.

The building of digital infrastructures that allow for strong and consistent
connections is growing quickly because of the demands for access.
Access to tech is not a privilege, it has become a right, as education is
a human right, digital access to educational, business and humanitarian
information is a right of all Africans not matter their educational, economic,
cultural or color. New laws are in place to make sure access if available 
and equitable. 

As a WordCamp blogger, advocate, speaker, organizer, volunteer and a
the value for the cost of a two day and the growing three day conference
pays for itself. Africans are seeing that their Brand grows rapidly and their
engagements increase proportionally to following others on Social Media
platforms like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

To keep up to date access WordCamp Central and WordPress TV for relevant
and real information. 

WordCamp Central

WordPress TV

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on the hashtag #thatwordcamplife or #thatwordpresslife
Wm Jackson, M.Edu.
Educator, Speaker, Blogger, Parent,