Author Topic: 21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope  (Read 1071 times)


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21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope
« on: May 22, 2019, 03:16:56 PM »

William Jackson at WordCamp US

21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope
William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach

Being dope on Social Media is not a cultural thing,
it is the ability to be comfortable in your digital life
and in your digital skin. As a content creator, digital
diva, thought leader, digital innovator, graphic artist
or even a dope web developer. It means that it is ok
to have fun on the web and to integrate yourself into
your product even on a digital level.

Too many people lose the excitement of creating
content that will be read, viewed, studied, listened to
and watched when they are just writing for themselves.

The pleasure comes in writing for others and sharing
your story. Your audience changes as access and
platforms change, so why not be Dope and Lit, providing
something that brings people to you so you can teach,
inspire, encourage and engage. Share your energies
and your excitement.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not always the ticket,
WOM or Word of Mouth is still important and should always
be a viable strategy to build your followers and participating
in community events.
Search Engine Optimization is computer based, technology
cannot always bring readers. Building relationships and
collaborations are the keys to building and developing a
following, building a Brand and creating a Niche.

As a parent of 2 adult children, 32 year professional educator,
blogger of over 20 year, community mentor, community activist,
speaker on the national and international level, and STEAM
advocate here are my 21 Reasons Your Content Should Be Dope.....

Men of WordCamp

1. To attract diverse readers and viewers. Being diversified
of content is a plus because people connect with what they
like and relate to. How your content relates to their needs and
relevance. Apply learning to real life.
2. Most viewers will be women and they love dope content.
Try not to be boring or repetitive but engaging and even fun.
3. If you want a broad spectrum of followers dope up
your blog with relevant content and graphics that attract.
Visual appeal is very important especially to women.

4.International markets look to promote Dope and Lit
content. They always look for awesome people that
apply their craft and enjoy what they are doing.
5.If your looking to monetize your site and content
expand your dopeness to new markets. Diversification
is the ticket.
6.Hire dope speakers like me to talk on your Podcasts,
talk shows and even television shows.

7.Take plenty of dope photos and video with dope and
lit people. Use your Instagram and Twitter sites to
share and expand your reach.
8. Speak at WordCamps, Bar Camps, EdCamps and
other tech conferences.
9. Always have your business cards available, make
sure there is a dope photo of yourself and have
your "elevator pitch" at the ready.

10. Hire a dope graphic artist to create your dope
logo. People are visual use that to your advantage.
11. Be a sponsor and promoter of community events
in your community to get your name out there.
12. Join the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business
Owners and other dope organizations that are
invested in the community and city.

13. Be a speaker on talk shows to share your
knowledge. Give back, don't always take.
14. Start your own Podcast with guests and be fancy
with your title.
15. See where you can help your church of ministry
with their connectivity.

16. Take a Social Media class yourself.
17. Offer Social Media classes with certificates
when completed.
18. Keep your profiles current, relevant and
oozzing with dopeness. Who are you associated
with makes a difference.

19. Take a dope vacation from time to time
to encourage inspiration and meet new people.
20. Embrace diversity in your company and your
21. Network - Network - Network

William Jackson Speaking at
WordCamp Conferences on WordPress TV

William Jackson and Aida Correa
Wm Jackson, M.Edu.
Educator, Speaker, Blogger, Parent,

Captain Zissou

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Re: 21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2019, 03:26:49 PM »
Ok this is where I draw the line.  Please stop.


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Re: 21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2019, 05:44:48 PM »
Don’t be a dope.
In a boat at sea one of the men began to bore a hole in the bottom of the boat. On being remonstrating with, he answered, "I am only boring under my own seat." "Yes," said his companions, "but when the sea rushes in we shall all be drowned with you."


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Adam White

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Re: 21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2019, 03:49:18 AM »
Q: You know what's not "dope"?

A: Basically being a parasite and using another website to mirror your blog content and drive readers to your blog.

It's time William got the boot from MJ. Seems like a nice enough guy, but it's clear he has no interest in MJ (sorry..."The Jaxson") other than as a place to post his articles/poems or whatever they are. I don't think I would mind if he ever bothered to interact or participate with the forum. But if you look at his stats, he's a "hero member" who has over 500 posts. None of which are on a thread that wasn't related to one of his blog posts.

“If you're going to play it out of tune, then play it out of tune properly.”


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Re: 21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2019, 07:37:23 AM »
Don’t worry about those “haters”, William, and keep on posting what you like. I believe that is the point of an open community forum.
If you are not interested in what he has to say, then don’t click. It’s not that difficult of a concept.

And honestly, this place could you use the extra traffic. It is a great resource but it seems that activity on the message boards has slowed down since the switch from the old site. Probably a result of very little significant action in the downtown core as the city slides into irrelevance.


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Re: 21 Reasons Your Online Content Should Be Dope
« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2019, 04:41:35 PM »
Thanks, I appreciate that.

I have a thick skin,  I have been teaching elementary school for 32  years
so I have heard stuff from parents, students and even my teacher peers.

I'm just having fun and sharing content.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!!

Wm Jackson, M.Edu.
Educator, Speaker, Blogger, Parent,