Author Topic: JTA Pitching Land Around 5 Transit Hubs For 'Transit-Oriented' Development  (Read 650 times)


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These sites have been pitched in the past but for whatever reason the TOD talk went on the backburner. It's good to see them trying to do something with them now. With that said, I wonder what's stopping them from developing RFPs to get something going now as opposed to later?

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is pitching several parcels of land near transportation hubs as "transit-oriented development" opportunities.

The idea is that where there is strong public transit, development will often follow. That in turn can reduce the need for automobiles and create more pedestrian-friendly areas.

The strongest example is in LaVilla, where public/private sector development is well underway.  The Intercity Bus Terminal, also known as the new Greyhound station, opened last year.

It’s across the street from where the new Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center (JRTC) is scheduled to open in March 2020, across the street from the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

The Skyway, which will run from the new JRTC station, up Jefferson Street and into Downtown, goes right by the recently completed Lofts at Lavilla apartments, the under construction Lofts at Jefferson Station and just a few blocks away is the Lofts at Monroe.

The JTA is hoping to expand on that synergy by offering a 1.5 acre site along Johnson Street near the JRTC for transit-oriented development.

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I'm curious too.  The high that this real estate market is on isn't going to last forever.