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The New Summer Camps Must Have STEAM and STEM Components
« on: May 21, 2019, 02:48:02 PM »

The New Summer Camps Must Have STEAM and STEM Components
William Jackson, M.Ed. #MyQuestToTeach

Building with STEAM
New initiatives in education and the increase of hands-on instruction accompanying a STEM
or STEAM model are being used in summer camps. Engaged and interactive learning is
becoming the norm for summer programs.  Youth, teens and young adults attention spans
are short and the window to lay the foundation for learning and comprehension is sometimes
short. There is competition with gaming, social engagements with Social Media platforms
and other digital entertainment.

The push for gender equality in education still remains out of reach because mentalities are
slow to change concerning the abilities of girls and women. The affects of socio-economic
factors and gender-based bias are preventing equal opportunities in learning. A concern that
should be addressed is the low female participation in Science Technology Engineering Arts
Mathematics (STEAM) that leads to be a progression into careers.

Worrisome is the lack of girls and women of color and culture in STEAM majors that lead to
high paying careers and thought leadership. STEAM prevails many aspects in the catalytic
for the achievement of girls and women in preparation for careers. Education is key,but the
right education is paramount the directs girls and women in the right direction that is best

It is crucial for women and girls to have equal opportunities to contribute and benefit
from STEAM opportunities. Girls and women participation, achievement and continuation
in STEAM studies is important in classrooms and even more important during months
when summer camps offer hands-on individual and group instruction. The exposure to
new ideas for careers, using differential instruction, integration of diverse technologies,
mentoring and participating in Professional Learning Networks and communities adds
to the value of Learning Agility.

In Jacksonville alone the growth of STEM, STEAM, STREAM, Coding and Web Development
workshops and programs can be seen from the Jacksonville Public Library system, the
National Council of Negro Women in partnership with My Quest To Teach
(William Jackson, M.Ed.). The Arts with Aida Correa of  (LoveBuilt Life, LLC),
Jacksonville 100 Black Men, the JAX PAL Summer STEAM Program and others.
Monica Timmons of National Council of Negro Women has an extensive background in
web development, coding and digital technologies, she has a passion for helping youth,
teens and young adults to learn skills they will need for 21st and 22nd century

The past EYH - Expanding Your Horizon provided STEAM workshops to girls from 5th
grade to 8th grade at University of North Florida. Women in the diverse fields of
science, technology,engineering,  math, business, nano-technology, DNA Mapping,
education and even those of military service, guided girls in hands-on learning. The
girls put on lab coats, googles and gloves to simulate working in labs to provide
a realistic feel to their learning.

Girls and women have a right to equal opportunities that boys have and equitable
rights to have resources both hands-on and digital that allow for maximum
engagement. Summer break should be open opportunities of engagement,
empowerment, collaboration and integration of new learning adventures. Summer
camps expand the learning opportunities and should apply what is taught in the
classrooms and enhance it even further.

The need especially in communities where youth, teens and young adults need
exposure, mentorship, modeling, guidance and digital access. Representation does
matter because youth, teens and young adults of color need to see professionals of
color as thought leaders, digital innovators, content creators and diverse
users of technologies that are cutting edge.

One of them is the saving of Twitter posts and the potential to use this information
against people. Weaponizing information is the next threat people need to be aware
of and guard against.Library of Congress Has Now Archived 170 Billion Tweets

STEM and STEAM are only as good as what the participants put in and get out of it.
The level of engagement and relevancy is vital because the participants need to
understand how to apply their learning and what they will get out of it. Youth,teens
and young adults should not see learning as boring,dull or difficult, this is a time
to experience new things, new challenges and apply what they already learned in
schools. To be able to take that school knowledge to another level.

Summer time is a perfect time to learn new ways that tech can be influential and
fun. It has to be relevant, real and easy to apply.

Summer Resource:
Jacksonville Public Library - Highlands Library

My Quest To Teach

National Council of Negro Women and My Quest To Teach


Jacksonville 100 Black Men

LoveBuilt Life, LLC

If you have not already done so, please register your kids for an amazing
STEAM event in collaboration with Jacksonville Public Library - Highlands branch, 
William Jackson of My Quest to Teach, Aida Correa of LoveBuilt Life, LLC,and
Monica Timmons of Jacksonville section of NCNW, Inc.STEAM committee.

*Discuss STEAM opportunities
*Senior Technology Staff provide knowledge transfer
*CODE through PLAY
*SOCIAL media overview
*Door Prize Give-aways

WordCamp Jacksonville 2019 Summer Tech Training
Wm Jackson, M.Edu.
Educator, Speaker, Blogger, Parent,