Author Topic: Mayor Curry says ‘more details’ needed on proposed tax for Jacksonville schools  (Read 906 times)


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Just much would it be? Like on a grand scale of things would it be more or less than the cost of buying the Landing, subsidizing a hotel/ferris wheel at Berkman II or moving earth and water to get Lot J off the ground? ;D

Mayor Lenny Curry weighed in Thursday on the Duval County School Board’s push for a half-cent sales tax by saying taxpayers need more details about it and he opposes having a special election in November on the measure.

If the referendum went before voters in November, it would be the only item on the ballot because no other elections are slated for that time.

“I do not support a special election for one referendum,” Curry said. “I think it’s too costly.”

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If we can hold a referendum on a half-cent sales tax with no other countywide election in St. Johns County, why can't Duval?


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Curry doesn't want to make a decision until his handlers tell him how to proceed.  He doesn't want to publicly state that he is in favor of any tax increases, no matter what the reason.  He would probably be for the tax, but the cost of the vote would be a $million +, and he will need that money to pay for more implosions downtown.