Author Topic: Democratic pollster for Jimmy Carter dies  (Read 400 times)


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Democratic pollster for Jimmy Carter dies
« on: February 17, 2019, 11:22:16 AM »

His first major poll (in '67) which established his reputation was for Jacksonville Consolidation which accurately predicted a landslide in favor of consolidation.
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Re: Democratic pollster for Jimmy Carter dies
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Below is an excerpt regarding his Jacksonville connections from the New York Times' obituary.  As I recall, he went to Bishop Kenny.  He should be listed among Jacksonville's most notable historical figures going forward given he is often credited with getting Jimmy Carter elected and his ongoing influence on national politics and more.

Patrick Hayward Caddell was born on May 19, 1950, in Rock Hill, S.C. His mother was Janie (Burns) Caddell. His father, Newton P. Caddell, was a Coast Guard chief warrant officer. Patrick grew up near various Coast Guard stations, spending most of his youth in Falmouth, Mass., and Jacksonville, Fla., where he attended parochial high school and also began taking his first public opinion surveys.

“Math was not my favorite subject,” he said, but at 16, for a mathematics project in his junior year, he fashioned a “voter election model” of the Jacksonville area for predicting elections based on early returns.

“I set up at the courthouse and called all the elections early with great abandon, with no idea what I was doing,” he said. “And they all turned out right.”

That was the extent of his formal academic training in public opinion research.
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