Author Topic: Monroe's New T-U Politcal Column Off to Hard Hitting Start  (Read 3829 times)


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Re: Monroe's New T-U Politcal Column Off to Hard Hitting Start
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Not sure I would agree on the taxes. A decent amount of sales would be fleeing Ocean County for SJTC and other areas West of the Intracoastal or south to St. Johns County.  Atlantic and Neptune beaches don't have any Hotel rooms to amount to anything, and none of them can build new hotels beyond three stories.       

They wouldn't get all the existing infrastructure without paying for it or at least the existing debt service. There would be a significant amount of office space to build too.

I doubt the pension burden would go away either. Why would any governing body allow them to walk away from existing obligations, especially when it is in dire straits to begin with.

This was looked at in the late '90s
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Re: Monroe's New T-U Politcal Column Off to Hard Hitting Start
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Sorry,T-U is off to Flacid Start. A Fart in a Whirlwind.
Perhaps Monroe should go to "Fast Backward" mode; review and report on Mayor Delaney's key role with DOT SJRWMD/USACOE  Brannon Chaffee Roadway permit application,a "Stand Alone" project widely understood to be part and parcel of the First Coast Outer Beltway.
USACOE  Director Miller became Delaney Administration Public Works Director....for a decisively brief time...... Gulfstream Development/Argyle Forest,Clay County brokers,one family member became DOT Secretary during Rick Scott tenure.And a Clay County,Florida USA State Of Florida Department Of Community Affairs ("DCA") Lake Asbury Sector Plan (the first attempt,Sector Plan one of two, #1 Citizen participants,as defined,opposed to a "Beltway " roadway,Sector Plan Number One sidetracked for months...) that was deemed Non Authorized at Clay County Commission Transmittal to Tallahassee,although the tapes of the County Commission meeting depict the Clay Planner simply shrugging his shoulders to a pointed DCA Authorization acknowledgement question.

At some point,the FTU/T-U might catch up with FTU/T-U NON-NEWS  elements.Lot's of Fast Backward Column Inches Blanks.Pages......shucks, a Book could be produced.150 months BBQ smoke,free shipping, Included.
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