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The Hispanic Heritage Celebration 2018
« on: September 18, 2018, 06:55:37 AM »

The Hispanic Heritage Celebration 2018
by William Jackson, My Quest To Teach and
Aida Correa, LoveBuiltLife

The Hispanic Heritage Celebration in Jacksonville, Florida
filled the air around Hemming Plaza with the dynamic
rhythum of old school salsa and other genres of music
both hispanic, R&B, filled with cultural expression and pride. 
Gothic Flores contributed to the fellowship of family and friendship
that continued to draw crowds that danced, sang and shared their
love of Hispanic culture.

Hispanic artists Kim Reteguiz and the Black Cat Bones, LPT and Goliath
Flores literally had the audience of several hundred during the course
of the event dancing and singing in and around the plaza.
Kim Reteguiz a soulful singer represented love for music, family and
cultural pride. Her songs resonated throughout the audience on an
overcast evening that only briefly allowed for slight rain that
did not dampen or extinguish the energy that filled Hemming Plaza.

Respected and recognized nationally and internationally, Kim Reteguiz
and Aida Correa of LoveBuiltLife shares an embrace of Latina sisterhood
and cultural pride at the Hispanic Heritage Festival that is held annually
in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month from September through October.
The annual festival celebrates Hispanic history, culture and heritage.

The event had food trucks of Hispanic meals, dance performances,
engagement of families and was pet friendly. There will be additional
events in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month for families to
participate in the Jacksonville community.

LPT's lively performance kept the fun and dancing ongoing to
the very end of the evening. At the enthusiastic request of the crowd
for one last song LPT continued to play even at the end of the scheduled
performance time. Thanks to JSO for allowing the evening to continue in
support of what was an awesome experience of music, family and friendship.

Wm Jackson, M.Edu.
Educator, Speaker, Blogger, Parent,