Author Topic: Forget Dredging the River - Rising Seas May Provide Depth to Spare!  (Read 877 times)


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Trump, Scott and Curry can continue to ignore/deny global warming and rising seas but accelerated ice melt noted in article below may overwhelm us sooner than later.  Like Nero fiddling while Rome burns, Jax, Fla, and much of the populated parts of the U.S. may sink into the sea even faster than the experts originally predicted while our elected officials do absolutely nothing to prepare.

Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade. If that continues, we are in serious trouble.
"...What’s happening in East Antarctica is important because it has, by far, the most ice to give, being capable of raising sea levels by well over 100 feet..."

The Times Union series on dredging the river has demonstrated that it will amplify greater flooding of the City caused by rising seas and stronger storms.  Just the opposite of what we should be doing to save the City from sinking!  All that money for the port, the Shipyards and the District may be wasted away in a few more decades.  Anyone want to buy a swamp in the making?
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