Author Topic: The Mathis Report: Home Depot marketing Southside site  (Read 3788 times)


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Re: The Mathis Report: Home Depot marketing Southside site
« Reply #15 on: May 06, 2018, 05:32:38 PM »
There's a Cracker Barrel at Butler Blvd.
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Re: The Mathis Report: Home Depot marketing Southside site
« Reply #16 on: May 09, 2018, 06:13:34 AM »
Was hoping Home Depot would pull the trigger on a new site, but guess not:(. It would compete well against the Lowe's store at Baymeadows and Phillips for people in the San Jose area.

The big problem with this site is traffic going east on University Blvd. can only turn into the property at the light and enter from the side  (Richard) street.  Likewise, to exit eastward on University, traffic must exit via Richard Street and the light.  If you were to visit the site, you would see that Richard Street would have a hard time handling the traffic of a Home Depot without some widening and added turn lanes probably requiring imminent domain takings.  May also need substantial drainage, curb and sidewalk improvements to make it more appealing/functional.  I think the current conditions are likely better suited for the smaller, lower traffic entities now being proposed.

I also thought this site was a little smallish for a HD.  Surprised they bought it to begin with.  I think the weakest part of HD is their real estate department - after all, they have relocated many of their stores (e.g. Orange Park & Regency) in Jax over the years from their original locations  8).

Also, HD blew it, in my opinion, by putting a smallish store on Southside Blvd. vs. on Phillips Highway at either the I-95 or I-295 interchanges.  And, they have forfeited San Jose/Mandarin to two well located Lowes stores (Phillips/Baymeadows and St. Augustine Rd/I-295).  HD would be insane not to take the closed Kmart location on San Jose in Mandarin as not many such opportunities left nowadays for them in that part of Jax.

I guess they could always do what Target did in Mandarin and buy out an entire strip center (only about 10 years old at that), demolish it, and go from there but what an expense.  HD did do that in Orange Park when the developer for them bought a multi-hundred unit 10 year old apartment complex across from the mall, tore it down, and put HD and others there (by the way, their original store in Orange Park was at a much better site at Blanding and I-295 so amazed they made that move.)  Their planned store at 9B is not much use to Mandarin/San Jose given the distance and St. Johns County traffic.

I think your spot on.  I'm hearing the old K-Mart on San Jose is going to be HD.