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Re: Brightline Train Deaths
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All of the analogies I've seen here for the trains in San Marco are failures.  There are things we can do to address train noise.  We can improve and even eliminate at-grade crossings of the tracks.  Doing that would enable creating a quiet zone.  The trains still operate, just without waking up people with their horns at 3am.
Eliminate an at grade crossing? There are already a limited amount of routes you can take, especially during high traffic times. The best bet is doing a quiet zone study and then it’s up to the city to fork over the money for the upgrade.

Yes, eliminate one or more at grade crossings.  Keep in mind that a bridge for autos over the tracks is still a crossing, it's just not at grade.

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Re: Brightline Train Deaths
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You can create a Quiet Zone without eliminating at-grade crossings, but eliminating crossings can help the application process.  Note that the Overland Bridge project eliminated the Gary Street crossing, just east of San Marco.