Author Topic: Raise it or raze it? Regulations present hard choice for owners of flooded homes  (Read 1683 times)


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The Black Creek flooding that filled the entire first floor of George E. Youngblood’s home has departed, but a month after he and his family fled the Middleburg home by stepping off a second-story deck into a boat that ferried them to safety, the aftermath of Hurricane Irma still is giving him unwelcome jolts.

The latest shock came when he opened a letter from the Clay County Building Division and learned that he had three choices for the future of his home: elevate it, tear it down, or appeal the division’s finding that the home suffered “substantial damage” and needs big changes to reduce the risk for future flooding.

Youngblood plans to fight the finding. But for now, he finds himself among the growing number of homeowners who face the most fundamental question about the future of his home: raise it or raze it.

Some homeowners have already made that choice after getting similar notices last year in wake of Hurricane Matthew.

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I can not afford to replace the lost, you should pay attention to them.