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Re: Star Wars - 40 Years
« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2017, 07:42:57 AM »
Since this topic came up, been doing a bit of research. Seems Mark Hamill is the only one calling out the latest installments. I think I read somewhere too that Harrison would only do it if they killed him (and I'm sure a boatload of money). I also had no idea that Mark signed on before Lucas sold to Disney. Here's a couple gems:

According to the British press, Ford got 13M pounds and .5% of the box office for his last appearance.

He had requested that he die in Return of the Jedi and it was written that way, but Lucas changed his mind at the last minute.


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Re: Star Wars - 40 Years
« Reply #16 on: April 20, 2017, 04:19:49 PM »
I hate Star Wars, which is a shame, because when I was a kid, I loved it. There was nothing cooler than Star Wars toys. I remember having trouble sleeping because I'd just lie there thinking about Star Wars and hoping my parents would take me to see the Empire Strikes Back. But somewhere along the line I just lost my love for the movies. Actually, I know when that was - it was when Lucas re-released them in the 90s with extra CGI stuff added to them. I overdid it and wore myself out.

Wow, it's almost as if things you enjoyed as a kid don't captivate you the same way as an adult ;)

Anyway, one of the things I cannot stand is the amount of fan engagement with Star Wars. It is one of those things that you're expected to love and think is really profound or important. And the fans just never shut up about it.

It's great that people have interests, but I really don't need to hear what some socially awkward, unwashed virgin in a Stormtrooper costume has to say about Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, Snoke or some other idiotically-named character from a shitty movie I couldn't get through.

I feel the same way about people who won't shut up about soccer on the internet. Blam!

Also, your nerd insults are of the same vintage as the Star Wars films. Nerds be like, let's play DragonQuest to 2112 while Buck Rogers in the 25th Century plays on the TV connected to our Tandy CoCo, amirite?

^ Couldn't agree more. I actually didn't mind the re-release special editions of the 90s (it was easy to avoid them), and I even liked some elements of the prequels. Lucas sucks at dialog but is great at world building & imagination, and they at least still felt like Star Wars movies. Was always funny to me he got so much shit since he's the reason people were Star Wars fans in the first place. I'd prob say "fuck all y'all" too & sell to Disney so they can shit out a new forgettable turd every year.

The Force Awakens was a POS with hardly anything imaginative & was a string of happy coincidences coupled with fan service. She can fly the Falcon like its nothing even though she's a slave, oh there's Han & Chewie after decades in hiding (how convenient! I remember them lul.). Luke's saber just happens to be in the basement of the bar they're at (wow, what are the odds!). Despite establishing in the previous films you need tons of training, both Rey & Finn not only use sabers but actually defeat the bad guy who's actually trained (Yeah! Girl power & shit!).

Lol, GTF outta here. I was never a huge fan (and you're right, the man-boys taking this stuff so seriously need laid more often, a war to fight in or something), but I'll prob never watch another one. There's just no point & I'd prefer to never hear about them, which obviously isn't happening.

Now this, this is a comment I don't understand. Not that what you say about the new movie(s) is wrong, but the implication that the old ones were somehow better about those things. Star Wars was always a derivative, cash-grabbing nostalgia trip - it's just that it cribbed stuff like Flash Gordon and adventure serials (and even some Nazi propaganda for good measure). Now, it just cribs old Star Wars instead.

And come on with that "happy coincidences coupled with fan services" stuff. Star Wars has always been just a string of happy coincidences and fan service. Luke's a moisture farming hillbilly with no flying experience besides his space muscle car, but he's given a space fighter jet in the third act. And he practices the Force for the length of a Cessna flight on the way to Alderaan, but is so awesome at it that he's able to destroy the whole Death Star at the end. Later, he trains with Yoda for approximately 48 hours and is then capable of taking on Darth Vader - and then Darth Vader and the Emperor. Not to mention the ridiculous plot holes and the high volume of nonsensical shit that Lucas just pulled out of nowhere. Vader's "I am your father" bit is a great twist if you don't think about it for more than 2 seconds. Apparently Vader's been too stupid to find his son living under his real name on Vader's own home planet with Vader's own relatives, down the street from a known sorcerer named "Ben" Kenobi, and openly calling himself the son of Anakin Skywalker. Oh, and Luke's long lost sister conveniently is the only female in the galaxy with more than 1 line of dialog. The Force Awakens is in good company.

The Force Awakens was pretty bad with fan service, but not nearly to the level of forcing the series' only prominent female character into a moronic slavegirl getup to give the "socially awkward, unwashed virgins in Stormtrooper costumes" something to think about back in their basements. Or making Boba Fett's origin story a major plot element in the prequels. Or Jar Jar Binks, who Lucas added for no reason other than appealing to the audience, and who he wrote back out again when he flopped.

I concede that there are differences between the Lucas movies and the new ones. Lucas was very much the auteur; his stamp is on every element of his movies. But that's for better or worse - he was a visionary and (mostly) great at world-building, but his dialog was abominable and he had no talent at directing actors. In the prequels where he didn't have to listen to anyone, his worse instincts took over and he lost his knack for story structure, editing, and creating likable characters. The Force Awakens was unoriginal and really just retread the plot of the first film. But, it had positive qualities as well. JJ Abrams was much better at casting and directing actors, and the dialog is much better. It's the first Star Wars movie that's mostly free of bad performances and writing. The characters are more fun than any that have been added to Star Wars since Billy Dee Williams in the 2nd film. Which is something I appreciate in my popcorn movies - that and the ability to pick them apart for every flaw.
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Re: Star Wars - 40 Years
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At least I've never referred to it as "the beautiful game".
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