Author Topic: Has the nations largest park system (JAX) caught the 3Rd World? NOT!  (Read 1805 times)


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Was just thinking out loud here, with the mayors "BIG IDEA" program, and the City always in search of some missing idenity, how would our city stack up to the parks in the 3Rd World? Enjoy this urban MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA scrap book, maybe MPO, JEDC, PRD, or even the AIA folks could use a jump start? ... HA! and they wondered what on earth would overcome me to make me want to leave Jacksonville for "Colombia"... Sorry y'all, if it wasn't that JACKSONVILLE IS HOME, and TRANSIT IN JACKSONVILLE IS SICK, I'd already be 30,000 feet over the sea headed SOUTH! 

For you newbies: Medellin, according to the network news "Worlds most dangerous city". Crime rate about 1/5 of Jacksonvilles. Climate, "Land of eternal Spring" 72 degrees year around. About the same rain as Jacksonville on a damp year. Clouds, yes, you live in them! Insect pests? None, NADA! no screens on the windows, no bugs, no problem.

What I wanted y'all to do is look at some of this and bounce the ideas around for our home in Florida? Could we CATCH this so called, "3Rd World," Paradise?

Parque Lleras (Jer-dahs park, just a name like Smith or Jones Park) the new park movement started here when a bunch of hippie artists types led in part by my nephew, started selling crafts and arts here in an old park now unlike
Hemming Plaza. They got busted big time, but when released showed up again. Before it was done it was near riot status and the city mayor came out to see what the fuss was about. Thus, the laws were changed, parks started to change and the City of Eternal Spring has become a paradise for park lovers.

Light Show in a park, 5 miles long!

Botero Park, Botero is in over 200 bigger then life locations in the city.

North Park, yes REAL amusement rides.

Library park, or "Park of the books"

Pies Descalzos

Park of your desires,

Park +
Planetarium +
Ourdoor sloped plaza +
Play sand beach +
Projection building that throws HUGE movie images out, FREE, like a giant sit-in theater - outdoors!

LIBRARY AND, Park of the Library of Spanish

Park of the Lights (one of my favorite by day or night)

New Medelin TOD, Gee what is that running across the back and up the side? OMG, How did this Photo get in here?

Park of the explorers, yes those are man-made rain showers... COLD AS HELL, it's only 72 degrees outside year around

Park of the Waters

Park of the Museum (just one in at least 20 museums)

Boston Park, for those that like it traditional

San Antonio Park

Note to JTA and COJ, almost every one of these is connected to Metro-Rail or is on the bus grid. The Metro-Rail is connected to the park plazas via Sky-walks to prevent anyone from crossing the busy streets. They plan TOGETHER!

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Re: Has the nations largest park system (JAX) caught the 3Rd World? NOT!
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Love it. Let's pick one idea and sponsor it. Do it over one weekend with volunteers. Urban Accunpunture style! Less talk, more action!