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Want To Be A Cool Blogger, Then Attend FlBlogCon
« on: September 19, 2016, 12:10:45 PM »
Want To Be A Cool Blogger, Then Attend FlBlogCon
William Jackson, M.Ed @wmjackson
Daddy Blogger – Social Media Safety and SWAG Blogger
Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Blogger
Mental Health Blogger Community Activist Blogger

FlBlogCon –

Blogging allows you to be your own
Editor – Publisher – Writer – Content Creator
Thought Leader – Influencer – Brand

Want to grow in your blogging skills and knowledge,
the opportunity is here at the upcoming
Florida Blogging Conference in Orlando, Florida
at Full Sail University
Saturday, September 24th

So much  to learn and the networking is great.
Come prepared to learn, share, and network;
connect with experts, creatives and innovators that
share energy and passions for building and creating
diverse content. The FlBlogCon is a great opportunity
to put aside your fears, apprehension and self-esteem
issues with your Blogging and Social Media journey.
Want to know how to do it in Social Media?
The FlBlogCon will teach you not only how, but why.

In the 21st century you cannot question your ability
to create meaningful content, you do yourself damage
if you doubt that you are a “thought leader” or even an
“influencer.” You must have the passion, determination
and confidence in “your” ability to attract an audience
to share your ideas, dreams, talents, abilities and
apply your skills as a creator.

What better way to magnify and quantify your ability
to share information across dynamic Social Media
platforms than to attend and be engaged at the
Florida Blogging Conference

As a veteran in attendance and participation in
conversations, discussions and dialogues make sure
you’re bringing your business cards.
Update your Social Media platforms with working
email addresses, active hashtags, web sites that are
not “404 in your face.” Renew that domain name and
be prepared to pick up plenty of tips, tricks, cues,
shortcuts, strategies, tools and Apps.

Make sure you bring that power strip to share an
outlet with a potential customer or collaboration.
Charge that Tablet, Smartphone, Watch, Recorder and
other digital devices to capture those million dollar ideas
that you will be exposed to.

William Jackson - Educator-and-Blogger

Be prepared to take those “selfies” with business
leaders, and those special people you have seen on
television, YouTube, SnapChat and other sites that
digital celebrity’s hangout on. Rub elbows with
the creator Bess Auer and her awesome team.

Blogging suggestions that I share with my Educational
Technology and Social Media class at Edward Waters
College provide the encouragement and vision to stay
engaged and active in the ever changing world of Social
Media and Technology. These can be applied to the
Florida Blogging Conference

William’s suggestions to grow in your journey
as a “content creator” and “thought leader.”

1. Write as if the world is going to read your blogs,
view your videos and download your Podcast.
When people hear, read or view your content they
should see, feel, hear or taste the passion for what
your creating content about.
2. When blogging take the time to review, rewrite,
revise, what you have written, sometimes you have to
come back to what you started to see a new direction.
Don’t be afraid to re-record a Podcast or a Video Blog.
Your content represents you!!!!
3. Don’t trust anyone that tells you your blogs are
“great” all the time. Have a critical eye and humility
about your content. Ask diverse people to read your
blogs you’re going to get different opinions, ideas,
likes and even dislikes and perspectives.
4. Have a hard skin and look at certain criticisms
as room to grow. One bad opinion should not stop
you from writing.
5. Embrace the diversity of the world. Your blogs should
be able to reach out to diverse audiences unless you are
specific about who or whom you’re writing to.

6. Don’t always write about sunshine, branch off and
challenge your abilities to write outside your box of
understanding and expertise. What is perplexing,
what is disturbing, what is scary. Expand your
abilities and challenge your skill level.
7. When writing, write as if telling a story to a friend,
relationships are important, building a relationship
brings connectivity and long standing.
8. Read other writers that you respect and admire,
this inspires your creativity and literary growth.
9. Storytelling paints a picture, so use words that
encourage the imagination and tickle the senses.
10. When writing determine if there are characters,
challenges, conflicts that need to be overcome.
Learn from situations and circumstances that toss
you on your literary butt. That promotes growth.

11. Don’t be afraid to submit your blogs to
multiple sites. You never know who will publish
your works. Even if you are rejected 100 times
101 might be the one that gets you an awesome gig.
12. Keep your passion and excitement about your
writing, it is an extension of who you are. Don’t stress
or over extend your writing. Some people plan,
others just take flight. Find out what works for you.
13. Figure out who or whom you’re writing to, leave
opportunities to receive feedback and comments.
14. Your writing is an important part of who you are,
what you are growing into and how to expand  your voice.
15. Bloggers must continue to grow in their fields, you
may start off in a traditional blog, but be willing to
incorporate Microblogging, Podcasting, Vblogging and
other technologies that reach diverse audiences.

16. Watch YouTube videos to learn, attend conferences,
Meetups, and EdCamps, if you’re in education. Even if
you’re not an educator attend EdCamps to learn from
experienced educators who may own businesses and
work as entrepreneurs.
17. Be mindful of your content, your Brand is a
representation of your promise for what you’re working
to accomplish.
18. Never assume you’re invisible, just because no one
leaves a comment, provides feedback does not mean no
one is watching, reading, listening or studying who
you are.
19. Expand your Brand by volunteering to speak at
schools, churches, community centers to expand your
circle and take the chance to mentor others.
20. Blogging is a life-long journey and should be a
life-long adventure, have fun with it.

Resources on:
FlBlogCon Facebook

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