Author Topic: Commuter Rail: Overlooking the Inner City  (Read 4875 times)


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Re: Commuter Rail: Overlooking the Inner City
« Reply #15 on: July 19, 2008, 06:03:48 AM »
Hopefully, we won't lock ourselves into only considering state and/or federal funding as a resource to get a starter up and running locally.  More and more cities are figuring out, if they want something done soon, they're going to have to find ways to move forward before jumping through the years of hopes the federal government throughs at them.  Houston, Austin, Detroit, etc. are all examples of cities that have or are working to get the initial lines up, despite not gaining federal (or in Houston's case, even State assistance) dollars before getting started on that initial starter.  We just have to remember, it does not have to immediately stretch to Yulee or Green Cove Springs.  Even a five mile line can do wonders, as long as it directly connects quality destinations and walkable stops.  Houston's 7.5 mile light rail line is a great example.  Paid for with local dollars (without raising taxes), that starter line is already pulling in 40,000 riders a day.  Its been so successful, the city gave the middle finger to the FTA, when that entity pushed them to expand with dedicated busways instead.
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