Author Topic: JEA is trying to Stop Rooftop Solar Power  (Read 14869 times)


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Re: JEA is trying to Stop Rooftop Solar Power
« Reply #30 on: April 12, 2018, 01:06:04 PM »
Curious - has anyone on this site has enrolled in JEA SolarSmart? If so, do you have any feedback?

I think the comment about transparency is key. Will the premiums truly result in increased utility scale solar investment? If it just pads JEA's bottom line then I have no interest. If enrollment truly contributes to expanded solar capacity, then I would be interested in enrolling. Installing rooftop solar is not in my near term plans.


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Re: JEA is trying to Stop Rooftop Solar Power
« Reply #31 on: April 13, 2018, 09:56:49 AM »
JEA has never supported rooftop solar. They don't seem to understand what a benefit to their customers it could be. Their leadership is just f#cked up when it comes to this idea.

In fact for reasons that have never been clearly stated , Florida "The Sunshine State" lags behind many other states in use of rooftop solar power. Not even Top 10 from what I can find. What a wasted opportunity, as solar has the capacity to change the world. FLORIDA should be one of the World Capitals of Solar R and D. But thanks to Rick Scott and leaders like him we are not. Florida should offer discounts through a statewide solar co-operative that helps manufacture and install rooftop solar and portable solar units. These could then (of course) be sold and distributed throughout the planet, 'cause there is a big demand for it! If 2,000,000 Florida households signed up for the co-op then the price of manufacture would drop tremendously and thousands of jobs would be created for manufacture and install of the panels.

Then JEA and FPL could concentrate on what is going to be the really big issue for Floridians, PROVIDING CLEAN AFFORDABLE DRINKING WATER PLUS WATER FOR IRRIGATION.  Over the next 100 years that problem will dwarf the issue of generating electricity.

One other thing: JEA has always balked at paying a fair rate to people who generate more power than they consume (aka  reverse metering). The argument is that those people don't pay their fair share in terms of maintaining the power grid. Well NO Shit. They are not using it as much. BUT they still pay the same rates as other users for the power that they need from JEA when they consume it. And JEA pays no subsidy to Solar users when the install is done, it is 100% the cost and responsibility of the homeowner, including maintenance although solar is practically maintenance free.