Author Topic: A new office tower for JEA coming soon?  (Read 12577 times)


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Re: A new office tower for JEA coming soon?
« Reply #45 on: June 22, 2017, 09:59:16 PM »
I could see a lot more potential buyers wanting the Customer Service Center than the tower. I hope there is the flexibility to sell one or the other separately if that is what the market desires.

Putting the School Board in the Customer Center sounds like an idea that should be explored extensively. 

I generally support preservation, but I have always thought the Tower building was pretty ugly. I get that if it goes down, it wouldn't be replaced with something as big, but I personally wouldn't miss it much.  The honeycomb windows are just weird and I hate the way it turns it's back on Springfield.   

There's nothing wrong with that building's looks. In fact, the odd shaped windows give it its architectural appeal. Bottom line : we need highrises in our downtown, and no existing highrises should be demolished if nothing more than to give us tall buildings to keep an urban  look and feel to our downtown. Tearing one building down every time one is built yields a net gain of zero, something we don't need.