Author Topic: Shaun Thurston's mural on Forsyth Street will soon be blacked out. Here's why.  (Read 854 times)


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Coats of black paint will soon cover up a mural by artist Shaun Thurston on West Forsyth Street.

In an effort to preserve the vacant buildings at 801 and 805 W. Forsyth St., owner Chris Hionides has requested permission to mothball them — which, according to city regulation, requires the windows to be blacked out.

Thurston’s crystal-themed artwork on those buildings is one of several of his murals adorning various businesses in Jacksonville, including Chamblin’s and The Blind Rabbit.

A colossal version of the piece was displayed inside the Museum of Contemporary Art during this year’s One Spark festival.
The decision to cover up the artwork was not an easy one for the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission, said Joel McEachin, supervisor of the commission’s planning and development department.

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