Author Topic: New Pet "Supercenter" on San Jose  (Read 1664 times)


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New Pet "Supercenter" on San Jose
« on: September 29, 2014, 09:02:07 PM »
We were roaming around this afternoon and saw this signs for "Earth Pets Natural Pet Market" and had to check it out and holy wow... It's actually three businesses working together in a massive space. There's the Earth Pets market (, which is crammed full of awesome quality food and toys for dogs and cats. We picked up a couple of new canned foods to try on our picky eaters and got them a catnip toy that they went absolutely insane for as soon as we got home. We'll be heading back for sure. I think he may be the owner but the gentleman that helped us said that their first and only other store opened in Gainesville over 30 years ago- he was super knowledgeable about the products.

The bulk of the space is for the St. Bernard Animal Hospital and the Dogtown spa/kennel ( ). They kindly gave us a tour of the kennel and I absolutely love the design of it- different rooms for dogs that are big, little, scared of noises (called the chapel) - they're all large and open, the dogs we saw in there looked to be pretty chilled in their suites.  There's a massive area for staff to run and play with the dogs, an open play-together style daycare room and best of all- A POOL! It's saltwater and it has a nice gentle beach style entry ramp at one end so everyone can enjoy it. Hell, I wanted to dive in it looked so good.

We only have cats but the folks we met seemed totally into their jobs and I wouldn't hesitate to give them a try. When I have more time off, I'm going to head back to the pet market and get a little bit better education on quality catfood.
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Re: New Pet "Supercenter" on San Jose
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I have boarded my dog here and use their grooming facilities.  They put a ton of money into the place. Just hope the issues with the owner don't end up being their downfall.  He previously owned the Dogtown in Palencia and was the mayor of St Aug Beach for years.   So far I have been pleased.