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Jeh1980, I understand your frustration at not seeing sweeping change. I too have refined bridge burning to an art form.

First let me say you are ALWAYS invited to attend my meetings, anywhere, anytime, Ditto for anyone else. Rather then say "We did too..." or "You said"-"We said", I thought a few action notes might be in order.

Just the highlights since JAN 1, 08:
*JOL-Jax out Loud forum, MJ-MetroJacksonville web, Ock-Ocklawaha, TU-Times Union, JTA-Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Edwards-Edwards Rail Car, BRT-Bus Rapid Transit, JTCO-Jacksonville Traction Company (streetcars/Light Rail)

JOL met with City Councilwoman for lunch and transit-Trolley/Skyway talk.
MJ/Ock/Council met with transportation sub to discuss pulling plug on BRT (as planned)
MJ met with Mayors aid to present alternative to JTA and BRT.
MJ met with Mayors office "scheduled us at MJ" to be featured speakers at a future conference on transit
Ock met with Folio to explain Trolley system
Ock met with TU/Tim to explain Francis Lytle Skyway
MJ met at all 4 BRT community meetings
Ock met with contractors on Light Rail and walked the system.
Ock gathered concepts and pre-bids on stations with costs
MJ/JOL met with Ock and gathered in numbers, facts and figures
Ock met with bridge builders for cost and concepts
MJ toured North line with Ock and Folio
Ock and TU toured North Line
MJ met with JTA board of directors
Ock toured North line with JTA officers
MJ/JOL attended FDOT presentation on Jax Transportation Center (was told the tunnels were gone!)
Ock dug into the tunnels and posted photos of them on MJ/JOL
Ock contacted old friend that owns a trolley building company
MJ/OCK discussed how to go private on the streetcar
Ock/Edwards toured the North Line, Riverside and downtown
Ock/Edwards/(Others) reformed The JACKSONVILLE TRACTION COMPANY, INC (JTCO).  Original streetcar firm.
MJ/JTA met to see/discuss the BRT plan, presented "Gary Street Busway" to serve West 1/2 of Southbank
MJ/JTA met to see/discuss the commuter rail plan
JTCO starts marketing study on tourist-transit-park-museum concept
Ock energy companies meeting to discuss (GREEN) power generation
MJ/JTA/Ock had dinner for casual talk of total plans
MJ/JTA/Ock meeting to discuss commuter rail, injected GAINESVILLE into plan, JTA adopted our 3 routes

These are just the high points, there have been at least twice this many meetings and countless hours of research in University and City libraries. Anyone that thinks this is "all talk" should follow us around a few days. Also, watch the TU...I'm told the editorial pages around or just after Memorial Day? Don't know what their planning, but it will probably spell more work to do...ugh.

Even though we have the data to back us up, and could make him famous, Mayor Peyton just won't meet with us... Mr. Mayor, your invited to dinner with us, or with me, I think you'd like what you hear!

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