Author Topic: Jacksonville Mayor? The Ten Who Should Run  (Read 6407 times)


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Re: Jacksonville Mayor? The Ten Who Should Run
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And why are you shocked?

I am shocked that after 3+ years with Mayor Brown, that no one from his cabinet or due to his presence has resonated in the MJ staff to warrant being on the top 10 list of possible people to run the city. These are spitball appointees so why not throw Jacoby Pittman or Nat Glover in the mix. Or even a discussion of what Mayor Brown would tackle in his 2nd term?

I did not vote for him, no I did not. Would we have been better with Hogan? Maybe, maybe not, but for everyone who drank the Kool-aid of Mayor Brown, being the outsider, being the Clinton Appointee, being the fresh option.....being fresh and an outsider only gets you elected, that is the easy part, leading, governing, working with the establishment, that takes excellent people and communication skills, and that, to me, has been the most disappointing part of the Brown term. This is not something you would have seen from Hogan, who had great communication skills from being inside government for so long.

At this point, I'd rather vote for Brown for another term than some guy who has never been in COJ government. Curry may be a nice person, but if elected, the guy will have to go through all the same and more as Mayor, as he has not been in the system. The time is the issue, we lose a good 1-2 years of Brown trying to find his voice, his vision and we essentially see what a Hogan would have been stepping in, now. Brown has become more comfortable, but the damage inflicted between himself and City Council is something that will remain for his terms as Mayor. I do not believe Hogan would have inflicted as much, and I believe he would have been able to get more done for Jacksonville, maybe not the Human Rights issue, but then again, its not done now with Brown, the fresh idea man.

que sera sera
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Re: Jacksonville Mayor? The Ten Who Should Run
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For some of us, Abel would bring just as much beauty and sophistication as Ms. Weathersbee.  ;)

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Re: Jacksonville Mayor? The Ten Who Should Run
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I used to dream of former Senator Mattox Hair as Mayor.
I grew to understand and appreciate Mattox while serving on a state wide organization keenly involved with legislative matters. (In fact,the entire Duval Delegation of that era was impressive.......)
Later,we would end up working out together at the same health fitness establishment. Mayor's placement was common discussion.

Hopefully we can take a break from looking to State Attorney office as Candidate Source.Two or so in recent history probably enough.
I was told John Delaney,upon Anointment,was in a daze for a time. Must be interesting,"real" to be The Chosen One.  8)
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