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Re: Lost Jacksonville: Times Square
« Reply #30 on: April 23, 2014, 04:34:37 PM »
True, those concrete signs were a Jacksonville standard furnishing, I too remember them well in Ortega, Fairfax, 5-Points etc... This is why I like the 'new' face of Laura Street and the decorative concrete signs, a throwback to our heritage that the younger ones might have missed. There are still a few around and I'll see one every now and then.

As for Jacksonville Terminal, we owe the city big for that one...


Augusta Union... Razed...1972...One of the most exquisite buildings in the South
Atlanta Union.....Razed...1972
Atlanta Terminal..Razed....1972...almost immediately regretted and a 'new project planned' ever since
Birmingham Terminal..Razed...1969
Charlotte of current Greyhound Station
Chattanooga Union..Razed (I witnessed that sadly) ...1970's?
Savannah Union....Razed....1963
Memphis Union......Razed...1969



Memphis....Central Amtrak..use
Charlotte...Seaboard.... Building survives
Mobile....Metro Transit Offices
Tampa...Union Station Amtrak use (could be threatened by HSR)
Richmond Main Street...National Landmark
Richmond Broad Street....Science Museum of VA
Jacksonville...Convention Center
Raleigh....Office Building
Charleston Union...burned 1947
Houston Union..Interesting repurpose with a 'lean to' ball park
Dallas Union...Beautifully Restored to active Amtrak, Light Rail and Commuter Rail use.
Fort Worth......Santa Fe Union.... Repurposed event center
Fort Worth......Texas Pacific Station....Condos with attached Commuter Rail.



Jacksonville Traction Company served Times Square via the South Jacksonville Municipal Railways, then along the FEC RY to St. Nicholas, Spring Glen and Hogan.


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Re: Lost Jacksonville: Times Square
« Reply #31 on: April 24, 2014, 01:29:18 AM »
I knew that if someone mentioned Rail, somehow the thread could be overtaken. Eh.....

Back to the thread, it is a darn shame that I-95, that vestige that moves people from the southside to downtown, was built on top of Times Square. Some of the vibrancy still remains along Phillips hwy with the old motels still there, some shops along Atlantic the link between St. Nicholas and San Marco. Old Kings Road has found new owners of buildings and reuse. But this all goes back to the neighborhood, if it remains strong, people will setup storefronts and support them.

A shame that the FDOT purchased and razed all those homes for the Overland project, all that does is make a nicer commute for southsiders, but destroys more bits and pieces of neighborhoods, which probably will never come back, now that the noise will be far worse!
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