Author Topic: Jacksonville and Florida's shameful Veterans system...(we CAN do better!)  (Read 4925 times)


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Let’s fix the disability benefits first, before getting free entry to parks. We have a friend recently back from Iraq who was injured so baldy in a roadside bomb that he was in the hospital for six months, had brain surgery, is now in physical therapy and will be for most his life and they are fighting giving him disability pay. I mean really???? It is a disgrace that we can’t take care of our soldiers, but can have all these other social services  >:(

i would agree with this DD...what you report is disgusting when you look at all the social suckers that we support...those that have never given anything TO the system, yet play their part in sucking it dry via programs and "checks".  hopefully your friend has already hired an attorney (this would be a pro bono case if ever i've heard of one).


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As one of the veterans who's story I painted in the original post, Maybe I can shed some light on these ma tters:

FIRST MISTAKE: DO NOT TAKE ON THE GOVERNMENT YOURSELF... You will never get far by filling in all the little boxes, crossing "T's" and dotting "I's". The VA is a very specialized field and there are myrid agencys out there that will represent you and your case for free. They are professionals, in many cases this is ALL THEY DO, and they know how to score with the VA. To any new Veteran, CALL:

"Disabled American Veterans"
"American Legion"
"Order of the Purple Heart"
"American Red Cross"

Ask to speak with their Veterans representative, if you have an appointment, bring every hospital record, doccument, date, name, time, your DD-214... EVERYTHING to the meeting and spill your guts out.


I don't understand the thinking that we have to fix disability BEFORE we give benefits! This is concurent, just as the disability is. We get the disability check from the Veterans Administration, the retirement check from the Military, the Auto Tags or tex ememption from the State, and the Park pass from the State and City. We certainly don't want to hold up the park pass, fishing licence or car tags because we see a problem with the hospital or the compensation at the federal level.

Someone asked if this isn't all a federal responsibility? The answer is NO. Every State has a STATE VETERANS AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT, many have special benefits. For example in Oklahoma, I pay no taxes, no income taxes, no property taxes, no sales taxes, NONE. In Florida I pay no property taxes. In California I pay no property taxes and have an internal home loan program to assure every veteran has a roof over his/her head. New Mexico and Maryland give us special treatment at parks, and for taxes, while Maryland sends all of our children to any of the famous State Universities. Jacksonville has a complete department of Veterans Affairs on the main floor of City Hall, and the City will assist with personal problems... So will Columbus, Ohio, Oklahoma City, and 150 other places. The city might even help direct you to an agency to file your claim. What I'm complaining about is our City doesn't offer the benefits that are becoming common across the country. We are the Military leaders of Florida, and want to be a retirement mecca for solid citizens, something we won't get as long as GEORGIA offers more for her veterans then we do. Jacksonville is in a leadership position in this and sadly, no leadership is showing...