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ReFocus: Jean-Michel Basquiat
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ReFocus: Jean-Michel Basquiat

The 1980s brought a new wave of exciting and larger than life Painter Celebrities, but perhaps none was more iconic of the New America than Basquiat.  Self taught, he was also self invented by the age of 22 and arguably the first African American Superstar of Contemporary Art.  Warhol was widely considered the midwife of the strident tour de force, but Barbara Colaciello the surprising thinks Basquiat was on his way without the whitehaired diety of Pop Art.  In any case, the MOCA Jacksonville is featuring a few of Basquiat's colorful original painting as part of the ReFocus: Art of the 1980s---on loan from local Impressario Bruce Dempsey. Join us after the jump for more information about the artist, and take advantage of the opportunity to see the real thing at the MOCAJacksonville.

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Re: ReFocus: Jean-Michel Basquiat
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