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Downtown / Re: Wawa keying in on Downtown location
« Last post by tufsu1 on Today at 06:08:39 PM »
Hopefully it's near the cathedral so tufsu doesn't have to go far for his dinner.  Now that the landing is dead he needs somewhere to eat!!

oh I have been a Wawa fan for more than 30 years - so yes, this would be a dinner spot!
No, market conditions are already fine for Publix.

When the free food stopped the homeless did to.

It didn't stopped.  It was just hidden away, out of sight.
Yes, when market conditions improve.....

Regency doesn't build condos. That was a different development group that backed out. Anyway, don't worry, your Publix will eventually come.
Downtown / Re: Adaptive Reuse: An Artists' Vision For The Landing
« Last post by thelakelander on Today at 11:16:10 AM »
It could to an extent but the entire exterior of the east side is all loading docks and mechanical.  Fixing that would cost more than rebuilding it.

This is the type of stuff the Kerrys, Currys and Hughes of the world should not be making decisions about. Issue a RFP and let qualified development teams that would be on the hook for funding redevelopment, come to the table with market ready workable solutions.
""We have so many great eat/drink options to walk to now, we are struggling to determine how often to go to places as we try to maintain our "elite regular status" at our various favorites. Nice problem to have. Sorry if I broke from the "it sucks to live here" trend.""

Agree SMM. If only Regency had built condos and the Publix they would have sold out and gotten great prices. Pretty sure, had they stuck to any of their plans, it would have been complete by now....

By the way, had dinner at Bistro Aix last night. The entrees were superb. The crispy chips were ok. It's one of my fav's and half of the chips were limp, not crispy.  Our entrees were short rib, pan seared salmon, and the onglet with fries and haricot vert.  All outstanding.
Downtown / Re: Can Jacksonville Learn From Downtown Thomasville, GA?
« Last post by MusicMan on Today at 10:48:19 AM »
Steer the homeless toward City Hall and you might get some solutions on the table quickly....
Downtown / Re: Jaguars State of the Franchise 2019
« Last post by thelakelander on Today at 09:39:56 AM »
It's pretty obvious the Live! and hotel components of their plan would struggle without more traffic in the area. Hence, the expressway removal plan. Direct access and visibility to daily through traffic that has nothing to do with special events is needed to support these businesses on none event days.
Downtown / Re: Jaguars State of the Franchise 2019
« Last post by Tacachale on Today at 08:55:08 AM »
From Ken:

"For Jacksonville residents attending events at the sports complex, Lot J would serve a legitimate need.

There are hundred of events drawing literally millions of people a year to the stadium district, and aside from a food counter at Intuition, you can't event get dinner in the sports complex before or after an event."

Ken makes a good point here. I believe Jax Live! would be very successful just on its own, as there are plenty of events at the complex year round.

Take last night. Hockey and baseball. Maybe 8-10,000 people. No place to eat! I ate at Burrito Gallery, ironically in Brooklyn  - the other end of the barbell.

So why do you think nothing has been built in the stadium complex after 20 years?

The baseball grounds, arena, amphitheater, and Intuition are all less than 20 years old.
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