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Interview: New York City Planning Director Amanda Burden
« on: January 16, 2007, 12:00:00 AM »
Interview: New York City Planning Director Amanda Burden

<BR /><BR /> had the opportunity to interview Jacksonville's next potential Planning Director, Brad Thoburn. The results of that interview will be online soon enough, but first we would like to share an excellent interview conducted by with New York City's Planning Director. This will help in understanding the true roles and responsibilities, as well as the importance, of the job. Name Amanda M. BurdenLast position and location Director of Planning and Community Development, Center for Court Innovation, New YorkCurrent position and location Director, New York City Department of City Planning   Chair of the City Planning Commission  Brief Description of current position As Director of the Department of City Planning, I am responsible for the city's physical and socioeconomic planning. I advise and assist the Mayor, in all matters relating to the development and improvement of the city, as well as in the preparation of strategic plans that have long-term implications for the city. In addition, I am the Chair of the City Planning Commission, a 13 member body, which holds public hearings and votes upon planning and land use applications throughout the city. <BR /><BR />Full Article<BR />
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Now i'm more scared than ever...
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at the prospect of Brad Thoburn becoming the planning director. Many of the things the planning director from NYC mentioned like, affordable housing, sustainable and green design, expanded network of bike paths, street health, etc. Yikes. I feel like those things aren't even on the radar of our administration.
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