Author Topic: End nearing for Chris Hionides?  (Read 10633 times)


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Re: End nearing for Chris Hionides?
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Thanks Bill. I appreciate your info and earnest dealings. I think the whole thing regarding this property to be a boondoggle.  I delivered a cash offer to the city 3 years ago for way more than this guy is paying.....

Also, unless I am missing something this RFP was "settled " over a year ago, and the "winner" is just now getting the reno loan in place.  That sounds crazy to me, but I guess that's just the way things get done in Jacksonville when the COJ and the RFP are in place. You only need look at THE DISTRICT to know that these adventures in real estate (i.e. the RFP process) is incredibly inefficient and basically allows the COJ to pick winners and losers.

Lastly, had the COJ listed this property FOR SALE by any decent commercial broker 5 years ago chances are we would have a market based and functioning business there paying taxes and creating jobs, much like CRISPY'S is doing, without all this delay.