Author Topic: Folio Weekly to do an article on Don Redman on Tuesday  (Read 2277 times)

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Folio Weekly to do an article on Don Redman on Tuesday
« on: February 28, 2009, 10:17:35 AM »
Its a little overdue but we are finally going to get a better look at Don Redman on Tuesday.

I wouldn't  vote for him for dog catcher.

please join facebook group.

I can find 1000 people in 1000 cities against paying elected deadbeat dads

HERE ARE SOME OTHER FACEBOOK GROUPS I HAVE CREATED just so you don't think all I do is pick on Don Redman.

End Gerrymandering in Florida ESPECIALLY JACKSONVILLE!!

bicycle helmet laws for 12-18year olds gets them walking in more danger

Support Buy Local Jacksonville


Any Mayor of any city should be willing to publicly debate anything.

Do away with "Where Florida Begins" as Jacksonville's slogan.

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Re: Folio Weekly to do an article on Don Redman on Tuesday
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2009, 09:57:14 PM »
Folio Weekly missed the point, the city of Jacksonville could have decided not to pay Redman

Here is the article


Everybody and their middle-aged mother
has a page. (I know mine
does.) The popularity of the social networking
site has exploded over the past
year among people looking to reconnect
with old friends, post updates about the
minute details of their lives, and spy on
ex-boyfriends or girlfriends — all without
ever actually encountering another
human being.
Former talk radio host and failed Jacksonville
City Council candidate Dave
Siebert uses the Facebook interface primarily
to raise awareness about his random
political and social agendas. He started
some 30 Facebook groups with names like
“Make candidates register legal campaign
signs so illegal signs go away,” “Any Mayor
of any city should be willing to publicly
debate anything” and “JTA spelling connection
‘connexion’ is unexplainable, and
should be ‘changed.’”
Two weeks ago, Seibert got a notice
from Facebook that his personal profile
was being deleted. The e-mail offered no
explanation, but Siebert suspects the reason
may have been two other groups he
started recently — both of which target
City Councilmember Don Redman.
(Facebook users agree not to post
material that is deemed to be “harmful ...
abusive, harassing ... or otherwise objectionable.”
Violation of terms of conduct
“may result in termination of [the]
account and the deletion of content.”)
“I started bunches of groups before
that and never [got kicked off],” he says.
“It’s just awfully coincidental.”
Siebert has been picking the same bone
with Redman since Folio Weekly published
a story about him in May 2007,
prior to the First Baptist parishioner’s election
to the District 4 council seat. At this
point, Siebert can’t recall if he even read
the article or if he simply heard about it
secondhand, but the mention it made of
the $11,000 Redman owed his ex-wife
Kathleen Koob in delinquent child support
payments stuck in Siebert’s craw.
Siebert, himself a single parent who had
trouble collecting child support, has confronted
Redman about the matter on a
number occasions, often during the public
comment portion of council meetings.
More recently, he started two related Facebook
groups, “City Councilman Don
Redman is an embarrassment to all” and
“I can find 1,000 people in 1,000 cities
against paying elected deadbeat dads.”
In July 2008, Redman responded to
Siebert’s accusations in a letter, writing,
“Since you continue to assume I owe
child support from over 20 years ago, I
have hired an attorney to make sure public
records are accurately updated to
show that I don’t.” Redman added, “I
respectfully request that you cease from
making personal, accusatory comments
at council meetings.” (The letter was not
on council letterhead, and may not be a
public record itself. Siebert provided a
copy to Folio Weekly.)
Redman also sent Siebert a legal document
that releases him from any debt he
owed his ex-wife. Titled, “Release and Satisfaction,”
the form says that Redman’s
debt had been paid in full. It is signed by
Koob and appears to be valid. (Redman
could not be reached for comment before
deadline for this story.)
Siebert says getting kicked off Facebook
wasn’t a big deal. After getting word
on Saturday, Feb. 21 that his profile had
been deleted, he simply signed up again
on Monday. He didn’t rejoin the groups
devoted to Redman (as of late last week, at
least one still existed) but Siebert is
unlikely to let his beef go. “When [Redman
is] up for re-election, I think they
should mention it on the ballot,” says
Siebert. “Instead of Republican or Democrat,
it should be Deadbeat Dad or not.”


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Re: Folio Weekly to do an article on Don Redman on Tuesday
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2009, 10:46:05 PM »
so are you claiming that Don Redman has some sort of power with Facebook?  That's pretty surprising, considering how little power he has on the City Commission!